HEROES: An All-in-one Web3 Native Bounty Marketplace

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HEROES aims to make a difference in the current outdated gig economy by facilitating connection, collaboration and work through novel solutions & leveraging the web3 tech stack.


You might be thinking: “Another bounty marketplace?” But why not, especially if it addresses the dry spots of the current offerings.

As the Web3 frontier continues to expand, the need for efficient and trustless work coordination platforms becomes paramount. HEROES steps forward as a comprehensive solution, transforming the way we collaborate, create, and engage in decentralized tasks, catering to the needs of both the projects and service providers.

Our detailed research on bounty platforms can be found here

What is the primary goal of HEROES in the gig economy?

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Decentralised work coordination is a growing industry, especially within Web3 with more and more projects, often small-sized, offering bounties for tasks such as bug fixing, research, and marketing. However, the existing platforms are not without their flaws. Traditional work coordination platforms often lack transparency and trust, with intermediaries adding complexity and costs. Additionally, they can be centralized, censored, and not very user-friendly.

In light of these limitations, the need for a versatile platform like HEROES has become imperative. HEROES seeks to address these shortcomings by creating an ecosystem where job seekers and providers can collaborate efficiently without intermediaries, thus fostering an environment of trust and efficiency.

What makes HEROES different from traditional work coordination platforms?

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HEROES is a multi-purpose platform.

Others are trying to find a niche for themselves, while the potential of a bounties marketplace has no limit. HEROES is a platform where people go when they want to get something done/ work on something and get paid, and this can range from all kinds of tasks depending on supply and demand.


Whether you are a Project Owner, a Hackathon Organiser, a Marketer, or a Community Manager from a Project, Startup, DAO, or any other organisation in the blockchain and web3 space, HEROES empowers funders to efficiently execute and elevate their operations with skilled expertise.

Ranging from hackathon, development, audit, testing, research to content, marketing, design, funders can seamlessly accomplish their objectives through HEROES’ straightforward and efficient process.

Example: You are a DeFi founder and you want to have some content to post on socials, but you don’t have the time to do it.

  • You simply go to HEROES, set up a bounty in 2 minutes.
  • You can turn on KYC if you want to make sure your task is getting done by legit people
  • Hunters on HEROES will submit their application & you can choose which hunter you want to work with.
  • Hunter submit their work, you only release the funds once you’re satisfied.
  • If you want to have an invoice for the payout, HEROES also automatically generates it for you!

What kind of tasks can be managed through HEROES?

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HEROES offers a seamless experience for hunters to discover and participate in bounties aligned with your skills and interests.

Whether you are developers, designers, testers, content creators or freelancers, you will find your place on HEROES


How does HEROES simplify the process of legal compliance and financial transactions?

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Which features of HEROES make it different from others?

Other than decentralized and built on a blockchain(s), HEROES offers a suit of automated processes that make your life easier.

  • KYC: HEROES has a built-in KYC process that you can enable/disable whenever you want while creating bounties. This ensures that only verified and legitimate individuals engage with the bounty, providing peace of mind and enhancing the integrity of the operations.
  • Whitelist: Allows creators to flexibly customize their bounties. Funders on HEROES can create multiple #NEAR wallet whitelists on the platform and can apply one whitelist to a bounty, making the bounty only claimable by the whitelisted wallets.
  • Reviewer: Allows creators to add teammates to their bounty & these teammates will have the power to act on a bounty’s applicant, i.e. approving & accepting applicants. This enables extreme flexibility & team coordination.
  • Auto-Generated Invoices: Understanding the complexities of financial transactions in the evolving web3 landscape, especially in terms of legal compliance, can be challenging. HEROES addresses this pain point effectively. Funders have the option to request HEROES to generate an automatic invoice, equipped with all the necessary legal details. This feature streamlines the process, ensuring smooth and compliant financial management in the web3 realm.
  • Multiple payout: HEROES is all about flexibility and possibility. The platform enables funders to issue payments to multiple participants multiple times within a single bounty. This feature significantly broadens the scope of bounties available, moving beyond the traditional limitation of one hunter per bounty. It allows for a more dynamic and inclusive approach to bounty allocation, catering to a variety of project needs!

As the nature of a bounty marketplace / gig platform, HEROES understands the importance of seamless, intuitive and friendly user experience; given the gig economy is huge and not everyone is capable of understanding/navigating web3 in its current state. We are doing our best in looking for the best solution that web2 users can be easily onboarded to web3!

What is a major focus of HEROES to attract users from the gig economy?

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Want to get started with HEROES? Try now at: https://heroes.build/!

Check out our documentation & learn more!


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  1. Freelancer network for the web3 era! hopefully, there will be a fiat on-ramp and off-ramp solution so web2 users can easily deposit/withdraw any type of money they want

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