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Technical Documentation

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARThis document goes into technical details of the Near Social. I recommend reading The Past, Present, and Future of Near Social first. SocialDB The contract is deployed at the following accounts: NEAR mainnet: social.near NEAR testnet: v1.social08.testnet Source code: social-db Data organization Internally, the contract organizes the data …

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To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEAR SocialDB is a smart contract to store social data on NEAR protocol. Source code: API: Testnet account ID: v1.social08.testnet Mainnet account ID: social.near Get API Takes a list of keys and returns a joined JSON object with the matched data. pub fn get(self, keys: Vec<String>) …

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Lido Example

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARHello Lido! If you are ready to explore further, the Lido component serves as an excellent fully-fledged example, as it demonstrates how to interact with a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Fork the component Navigate to the component Click on the menu icon in the top-right …

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Basic EthersJS

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARHello EthersJS! This component is designed to display the account ID of the connected Ethereum wallet. In case the user is not signed in, the component will show a message instead. Source code const sender = Ethers.send(“eth_requestAccounts”, [])[0]; if (!sender) return “Please login first”; return <p>Account: {sender}</p>; Fork …

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BOS Gateway

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARLaunching a BOS gateway Launching your own NEAR BOS gateway instance is a quick and simple process. In this example we’ll be using Vercel to build and deploy a new BOS gateway, but you can also use other platforms. Just follow these easy steps: Clone the near/near-discovery-alpha repository …

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Design Components

To Share and +4 nLEARNs Login with NEARDesign System Components When building components, the NEAR VM provides a complete set of Radix primitives to simplify UI development. Radix UI Using embedded Radix primitives on the NEAR VM is simple and straight-forward. You don’t need to import any files: return ( <Label.Root className=”LabelRoot”> Hello World! </Label.Root> …

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