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Talentum is what you get when you mix the best of the old school with the new: think SAP meets Upwork, but we’re talking full-on Web3 style. It’s where the sharp minds meet the cutting-edge enterprises. Here, you can build your crew of top-notch talents for the long game while running your ambassador gigs, boosting your community’s strength, and keeping an eagle eye on all your social plays with the kind of smoothness you won’t find anywhere else.

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Talentum prioritizes authenticity, inventive thinking, and active participation. We aim to assist projects in identifying valuable contributors, while excluding abusers and “social noisers”. Talentum offers a unique platform where you can significantly contribute to projects you are passionate about and earn rightful rewards. Unlike other platforms, you are more than just a bounty hunter here; you’re a talent building a reputation, with the potential to become a team member in the future.

Talentum combines HR tools and freelance features. Thus, your profile serves as your CV, showcasing your previous achievements, education, and portfolio.

In addition to payroll and on-chain tasks, Talentum includes a CRM for managing ambassador programs, payroll, talent filters, and directions.

Here is a brief onboarding guide:

1. Create your Talent account with your NEAR wallet or using any other suitable way for you.

2. Set up your profile by adding your data like social media profiles, your directions and bio.

A well-filled profile increases your chances of becoming an ambassador for a good project.

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3. Participate in any open ambassador program and earn points.

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    This short guide on Talentum is insightful and educative. I am excited to check Talentum out as it seems to be created for freelancers like me. Kudos to the team. Talentum feels like Trello, Galxe, and Upwork, all rolled into one. It's super impressive. 

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