LNC for projects: 👀BugEye

There are over 2,000 LNC members who participate in 👀BugEye – community user testing platform for projects from LNC Barrel and other NEAR Ecosystem projects.

in NEAR tokens

Featured LNC Pro Testers

How it works

Runs 27/7, all you need is just set a link at your website or app and let community explore, find issues and submit.

web3 tooling protects you form spam submission. And you decide how much to reward! But don’t be to greedy – testers will loose interest you break win-win-win rules!

Done by HUMANS

LNC Pro testers are real people who loves NEAR and USE NEAR.

Bring Awareness

👀BugEye is LNC community imitative so your project is being introduced the entire LNC Community of 50K+ (L)Earners via ALL possible channels – website, Twitter, Discord, email, push notification, and most important – referring to friends.

web3 powered

Reports and awards are running via NEAR smart contract

Tested Projects

Loved by NEAR Ecosystem

“Toolblox is not a traditional end-user DApp but more like a SaaS application which allows anybody to create smart contracts without any coding skills. We were skeptical about the testing but in the end were pleasantly surprised.

We got a lot of feedback about our documentation being very helpful and understandable, the usability was touted and we managed to extract 11 new ideas or improvements which we can now implement. Furthermore we got some cool ideas which we hadn’t thought about internally.

In retrospect it was a good idea to ask participants to invent a novel workflow and share it on Twitter – even though we did not get a lot of beta testers in numbers the additional social media boost was a nice bonus.”


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