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This course is an opportunity for web developers to earn a Certificate of Completion that represents the ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform – NEAR Certified Developer (NCD).


After course completion you will

  • Have a good understanding of the web3 application
  • Be able to understand the smart contract of web3 application built on NEAR
  • Be able to build your own or edit contracts in Javascript and/or Rust
  • Able to know how to use unit tests, and integration tests in the application
  • Deploy the app to testnet and interact with NEAR CLI
  • Build and demo your project.


Anyone interested in building on NEAR and best fitted to

  • developers with basic programming knowledge, one year or more of experience
  • experienced builders who want to build their web3 product on NEAR protocol

What you will need to do:

This 6-Steps remote-only program will require a commitment at least 2 hours per Step from senior developers and up to 6 hours per Step for junior developers depending on technical experience.

This is a (L)Earn program with up to $500 in NEAR tokens for qualified (L)Earners*!
*Must complete ALL STEPS and satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Present a demo application on DEMO DAY
  2. The project MUST bring value to learning community:
    – interesting/viral  idea to test at LNC Beta test
    – worth to clone GitHub repo that can help other users to learn
    – promising project to bring to NEAR mainnet via LNC Barrel
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