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There are about 900+ projects built on NEAR.

LNC is the best place to introduce your project to NEAR users who loves NEAR and actually uses NEAR.

The more (l)earners interact with project learning materials, the high (L)Earn score project gets

Authors also receive nLEARNs if their learning materials being read and used by (L)Earners.

How it works

Just prepare your content and follow the process – LNC takes care of the rest.

Write for HUMANS

LNC members are real people who loves NEAR and USE NEAR.

Bring Awareness

Your Guide or Article will be introduced the entire LNC Community of 80K+ (L)Earners via ALL possible channels – LNC website, Twitter, Telegram, email, push notification, and most important – referring to friends.

Fast Submission

Fast and easy content submission process

Partners Guides/Articles

Mintbase Drops

Mintbase has made it easy to use NFTs by removing complex codes. Now, you don’t need to buy cryptocurrency to make or collect NFTs because Mintbase Wallet handles all the fees. Fans can pick a username that also works as their wallet address, and your collectible item will automatically appear in their account. Then, Mintbase…

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Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Engage with the NEAR Ecosystem

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, staying informed and understanding complex protocols can be challenging. A new digital innovation now offers a unique solution, enabling users to interact directly with a digital representation of Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of the NEAR Protocol. This digital twin is designed to provide insights into the protocol, its ecosystem,…

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Plato Eat2Earn

Introduction Hook: Imagine earning while enjoying your favorite meal. How? Let’s dive into the world of Plato Eat2Earn. Overview: Plato is a revolutionary Eat2Earn Web3 project that gamifies the dining experience, enabling users to earn rewards through their dining activities worldwide at ANY restaurant, eateries establishments (as long as it is on Google Maps you…

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What is Pikespeak? Season 2

Pikespeak is a Data & Analytics solution built on Near protocol. The solution provides: Dashboards and visualisations of the most fundamental Web3 use cases; An API with 50+ endpoints to consume live, historical data, and insights in a programmatic way. Why? The more information one accumulates, the more opportunities one creates. Accessing usable data on…

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Streamlined Guide to Community Mining: Maximizing HOT in Villages

Mining HOT in villages is an innovative community mining initiative that’s gained traction with over 1,000,000 participants. This approach leverages Telegram chats for village creation or joining, enhancing HOT acquisition through a 5% bonus on claims, benefitting the village’s treasury. These funds are earmarked for community rewards and other communal benefits. Joining a Village: Create…

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Integrating: Mintbase Wallet, Tutorial with Luis Freitas

Join Luis Freitas as he guides you through the seamless integration of Mintbase Wallet into your projects. In this tutorial, learn step-by-step how to enhance user experience and streamline onboarding. Luis demonstrates the technical details, including the wallet context provider and the wallet selector component. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TxaqILs7Jg

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