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What is Near Social?

Near Social (previously known as Social08) is a social data protocol built on top of NEAR Protocol. Please join Telegram group @NearSocial for discussions. Watch presentation Near Social at NEARCON22 Explore Near Social: near.social Links Github: https://github.com/NearSocial Twitter: @NearSocial_ Telegram: @NearSocial SocialDB Contract: Source: https://github.com/NearSocial/social-db Mainnet: social.near Testnet: v1.social08.testnet Standards: https://github.com/NearSocial/standards Near Social Browser: Source: https://github.com/NearSocial/viewer Mainnet: https://near.social/ Testnet: https://test.near.social/ If you are looking for a mastodon based social network for .near users,…

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NEAR wallet transition: why will it happen and what should its users do now

No doubt, most NEAR users have heard about the transition of the NEAR wallet. But there are still a lot of questions left about its reasons, processes, and relation to MyNearWallet. Here are the most asked questions about the transition with the comments of MyNearWallet team. Why should I switch from an “official” wallet developed…

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NEAR Data Flow

Video explanation​ In the video below we have tried to give a quick overview on main concept of how the data is flowing in NEAR Protocol blockchain. You will find a text version below the video. Text version​ NEAR Protocol blockchain data flow might be a bit tricky at a glance. But it is pretty…

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