LNC Barrel – NEAR project Accelerator

LNC exclusive boutique accelerator for all kind of projects: NEAR DeFi, NEAR Games, NEAR NFTs, etc.

Best in the industry mentorship.
Business development and marketing support.

How it works

Runs 24/7 year round exclusive boutique NEAR accelerator for cherry picked projects running by NEAR Certified Developer course graduates.

The main goal of LNC Barrel is to help NEAR Doers to bring their projects to NEAR mainnet and help them to get dedicated and engaged users.

Projects at LNC Barrel get priority access to Translators, Beta Tests, P2P Security review and Security Audits by LNC Partners.


LNC Barrel projects get connected with real people who loves NEAR and USE NEAR.

Bring Awareness

LNC Barrel Project is being introduced the entire LNC Community of 74K+ (L)Earners via ALL possible channels – website, Twitter, Discord, email, push notification, and most important – referring to friends.

Fun and Engaging Environment

Having your project at LNC Barrel is definitely be a life changing opportunity for NEAR developer/entrepneur.

⚗️ Projects Brewing at LNC Barrel

🏆 Projects Brewed at LNC Barrel

⏸️ Projects On-hold

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