nLEARNs Redeem to NEAR Window opens on 15th day of the month


Next nLEARNs to NEAR Redeem Window is scheduled on February 15th 2023 – opens at 9am ET for 12 hours.
(L)Earner NFT holders have 2 hours early access.
Please note: Redeem to NEAR is just a nice micro-bonus to help you learn more how to use NEAR and how to build on NEAR.


5 Simple Requirements

Membership age

Joined Learn NEAR Club at least 2 weeks ago

Be active

(L)Earned at least 64 nLEARNs since previous Redeem date – stay ACTIVE


Never participated in meaningless nLEARNs farming like jumping from step to step without learning a thing

Don’t skip a week

(L)Earn at least ONE nLEARN a week


Be ready to answer a simple question while redeem

Wanna get 2 hours earlier access during Redeem to NEAR Window?

Get yourself a (L)Earner NFT



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