What are nLEARNs?

nLEARNS are Learn NEAR Club internal points powering (L)Earning economy.

nLEARNS are NOT tokens and do NOT have monetary value.
Think about nLEARNs as mini-scholarships/benefits for outstanding (L)Earners.

Both Creators and Learners get rewards in nLEARNs during Learning.

Why get nLearns?

The ultimate use case of nLEARNs is Proof of (L)Earn. Any (L)Earner history can be verified so community members or projects can get an idea about how consistent is the learning progress.

How to earn nLearns?

Visit Learn NEAR Сlub regularly

Share useful Guides

Refer a friend by Affiliate program (fond it at your LNC profile)

Read Guides and pass Quizzes

Learn at Courses – complete steps, submit assignments, answer Quizzes

Get nLEARNs tips at LNC Telegram for helping your peers

How to spend nLearns?

Stake to enroll to Program/Course

Redeem to special offers from NEAR partners

Participate in Quadratic Voting polls

Tip Authors of guides and courses

Send nLEARNs tips at LNC Telegram for the help from your peers

Redeem to during Redeem Windows

Attention Sybil Attackers and Spammers


Do NOT  waste your talent, time and energy trying to farm nLEARNs hopping from Step to Step, submitting USELESS feedback and FAKE assignments. Malicious behavior results in nLEARNs slashing.

LearnNEAR.Club is a platform of Future Learning. Everyone is invited and welcomed but there is no room for BAD actors in POSITIVE SUM game.

So please do your homework and come back when ready for Open Economy Future.

Happy (L)Earning!

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Connect your LNC account to LNC Notifier Telegram bot and get notified about Beta Test Sprints and other opportunities to (L)Earn.

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