What are (L)Earner NFTs?

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An exciting new NFT collection recently dropped in the NEAR Ecosystem. Before we explore what the (L)Earner NFT collection is, here is a brief summary of what an NFT is. Feel free to skip over it if you’re already familiar with NFTs.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are unique digital assets that have their identifying information recorded on a smart contract. The information on the smart contract is what makes an NFT unique. An NFT is a non-fungible asset. Non-fungible assets are not divisible. For example, you can’t send someone a part of a painting or a ticket.

NFTs are digital certificates of ownership for digital assets. An NFT is a smart contract that is utilized for securing a digital asset. Once written, it is published into a token (ERC-721 or NEP-171) on the blockchain. Anything can be turned into an NFT, with the most popular being videos, GIFs, or JPEGs.

What is the (L)Earner NFT Collection?

The (L)Earner NFT Collection is a collaboration between the Learn Near Club (LNC) community and Denis Bashev, one of the best award winning graphic designers in Europe.

Design Concept

The design concept is based on dynamic human intelligence diversity powered by the uniqueness of every learner. Every human is a unique individual that has diverse learning patterns, strengths and weaknesses. The (L)Earner NFT Collection aims to highlight the individuality of each learner and how different cogs interact in the machine to create a holistic person, each with their own unique dreams, fears, experiences and personality.

For those unfamiliar with how we learn on a scientific level here is the gist of it:

When you actively engage in learning something, neurons (brain cells) begin forming connections between each other. At first these connections are very weak, and the knowledge isn’t fully committed to long term memory. As time progresses and you spend more time learning about a concept, these connections become stronger and get committed to long term memory. Your knowledge is actually stored in billions of neural connections between neurons in the human brain. This process is called Hebbian learning.

The idea of the stick figures is based on the human nervous system. The segments that the stick people are composed of are inspired by the Myelin sheaths which help electric impulses be transmitted through neurons.

The character poses embody the countless combinations of neural connections that amalgamate in their own microcosms to form distinct long term memories of a concept or activity. Line segments are plotted on a cartesian plane to create fun poses.

The color pallet was carefully selected by Denis to bring life, and add a more playful tone to the stick people. It symbolizes the joy of learning. The joy of learning isn’t something that can just be felt with instant gratification. It is the culmination of all of the ways that the thirst for new skills and knowledge has improved your life and the lives of those around you.

Check out Sasha’s talk about NFTs in general and (L)Earner in particular


All NFT minters are invited to participate in this cutting edge project. The mint cost started from 2 $NEAR and gradually increases as the collection grows towards its limit of 10,000 NFTs. Minters can:

  • Generate- the software generates a random posture, and mix of colors as many times as you like, so that you get the (L)Earner NFT that you want. Most NFTs on the market are “generated” from pre-built models, while (L)Earner NFTs have a virtually unlimited number of combinations creating an NFT that is truly unique to you.
  • Name- give a name to your (L)Earner NFT, make it as unique as your character 
  • Curate- collect as many as you want and curate your original, personal collection
  • Trade- buy and sell (L)Earner NFTs on the Paras NEAR NFT Marketplace

(L)Earner  NFT LNC Benefits

Not only do you get a cool NFT when you mint a (L)Earner NFT, you also get handy perks as an official LNC community member:

  • Priority 2 hour early access to the Redeem to NEAR window
  • Mint Proof of (L)Earn NFTs
  • More to come in the future…

Join the LNC telegram group to share your (L)Earner NFT with other members of the community.


The (L)Earner NFT collection is a cutting edge collaboration between LNC and Denish Bashev (award winning graphic designer). The aim of the project is to encapsulate the individual learning experience of each learner into an NFT. The collection is limited to 10 000 NFTs so get yours while you can!

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