NEAR onboarding bot Beta Test

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Beta test sprint starts: March 29, 11 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: April 5, 11 am ET


  1. Read this Guide about Revolutionary Way to Engage with the NEAR Ecosystem to get the context
  2. Go to tbd
  3. Ask Illia digital twin a few questions about NEAR and NEAR ecosystem
  4. Choose the best and the worst question/answer (you will need to submit them)
  5. Make a screenshot of your best question/answer
  6. Tweet your screenshot and “For the first time ever I asked digital twin of @ilblackdragon a question and this is the reply! You can do the same at   @LearnNear Beta test”
  7. Submit feedback form.

The top 25 beta testers will get 1 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 5 NEAR.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to ask at LNC Telegram Beta test topic  and tag @dan_web3

Fill the Feedback form

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6 thoughts on “NEAR onboarding bot Beta Test”

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    bild96.near (12 nL)

    Currently, large language models  LLM are good at mimicking human language, but not necessarily understanding the meaning behind it. Future iterations may be able to reason and apply logic to their responses. It can inherit biases from their training data. Developers are working on ways to mitigate this and ensure It's produces fairer and more objective outputs.

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  2. Для меня как и для многих новичков это стало первым шагом в мир крипто будущего. Я думаю мы все учамся и работаем над своими ошибками. 

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