The Nephilim Beta Test

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Beta test sprint starts: June 22, 9 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: June 24, 11pm ET.


  1. Get yourself our Telegram bot LNC NEAR testnet watcher to get notified on transactions
  2. Login the app  with NEAR account
  3. Join DAO and create a job post with NEAR token as payment method
  4. If you have any NEP141-Tokens. e.g LNC testnet, register that token and create a post to use as payment method
  5. Apply for the job you just created and approve applicant in dashboard
  6. Complete the job and finalize payment
  7. Take a screenshot
  8. Tweet with your screenshot “I’ve just paid for the freelance project at @HouseOfNephilim, project from @LearnNEAR Barrel”

Fill the Feedback form

The top 20 beta testers will get 4 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 20 NEAR. Please make sure your NEAR testnet and mainnet account MATCH exactly. – eg. john.testnet and john.near.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to contact project lead

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