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  • Hook: Imagine earning while enjoying your favorite meal. How? Let’s dive into the world of Plato Eat2Earn.
  • Overview: Plato is a revolutionary Eat2Earn Web3 project that gamifies the dining experience, enabling users to earn rewards through their dining
  • activities worldwide at ANY restaurant, eateries establishments (as long as it is on Google Maps you will be able to Eat2Earn on Plato Eats dApp).
  • Relevance: Plato addresses the gap in authentic, user-generated content about dining experiences, offering verified data and incentivizing users, which enriches the global food scene. In turn, Eat2Earn brings foot traffic into restaurants for in-person dining, which helps local restaurants get more business!

What’s the purpose of Plato’s Eat2Earn?

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The Inspiration Behind the Project

  • Origin Story: Plato was born from a necessity observed during COVID, when many restaurateurs, including PlatoRob’s uncle, grappled with the steep commissions charged by food delivery platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats. Witnessing firsthand the struggle to sustain business with a 30% commission on every dollar made, Plato Eat2Earn emerged with a mission to revitalize the restaurant industry. It aimed to redirect foot traffic back to restaurants for in-person dining, offering a more profitable model amidst challenging times.
  • Vision and Mission: The vision is to establish the world’s first verified food data source, transforming how people discover dining experiences via AskPlato – AI Connoisseur. The mission revolves around incentivizing dining enthusiasts to share authentic experiences.

What makes Plato distinct from traditional review platforms?

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How It Works: A Simplified Explanation

  • Technical Overview: Utilizing blockchain technology, Plato rewards users with $FAT Dollars for contributing verified dining experiences through its Plato Eats dApp.
  • Features and Benefits: Rewards for dining experiences. Verified food data source. Enhanced discovery of dining options.
  • Real-world Application: Users can earn $FAT Dollar by dining at any restaurant located on Google Maps, contributing by leaving a review and uploading their receipt. the community benefits from authentic, reliable dining recommendations from real people which will result into driving more foot traffic to the restaurant
  • $FAT Dollar Value and Rewards System: $FAT Dollar Value and Rewards System combines tangible rewards with real-world value, each $FAT Dollar is equivalent to 1 USDC at Token Generation Event (TGE). Users earn rewards by leaving honest reviews, calculated as a percentage of their spend, fostering quality content and active engagement. This system not only rewards users but also drives increased foot traffic to restaurants, benefiting both consumers and establishments by encouraging exploration and sharing of genuine dining experiences, thus sustaining a valuable cycle within the ecosystem.

What is the value of $FAT Dollar at Token Generation Event?

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Unique Selling Points

  • Comparison: Unlike other review platforms, Plato’s blockchain foundation ensures authenticity and rewards contributors, offering a more reliable and rewarding experience.
  • Innovations: The integration of blockchain and AI for receipt verification and rewards users for leaving an authentic review, alongside the “Ask Plato AI” feature to find hidden gems nearby, sets Plato apart in the tech and dining industry.

Getting Started

User Guide: To get started, download the Plato Eats dApp, sign up, and begin dining at a restaurant to earn rewards.

Resources: More information, tutorials, and community support are available on the Plato Protocol documentation site and community forums.

How can users start earning rewards with Plato Protocol?

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Future Roadmap

Upcoming Features: Expansion to more cities, introduction of new rewards, and enhanced app features.

Engagement Invitation: Users are encouraged to contribute ideas and participate in community discussions to shape the future of Plato.


Call to Action: Explore the world of rewarded dining with Plato Protocol, join our community, and stay updated with our latest developments.

Gratitude: Thank you for exploring Plato Protocol with us. Your journey towards rewarded dining experiences begins here.

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    Plato sounds innovative and refreshing, especially for the restaurant and foodie communities. I hope they include Denver on the list, which just recently earned their first Michelin guide! 

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  2. so plato is dapp on web3 protocol for food testers ,bloggers etc… people can see people comment about restaurants So they can choose the best restaurant and get fat tokens. That's a good idea.

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