MyNearWallet Password Beta Test

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Beta test sprint starts: August 18, 11 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: August 23, 11 am ET


  1. Create a testnet account at
    The first step of this account creation process now includes creating a password – used to unlock your wallet and enhance security
  2. After you have created the account, refresh your browser – you’ll then be prompted to enter your password to unlock your wallet
  3. Make a screenshot with a password prompt
  4. Go to or click ‘Account’ in the menu. You’ll see a box for Password protection which is currently enabled
  5. Disable your password protection by clicking ‘Disable’ – you’ll need to enter your password to confirm
  6. Turn password protection on again by clicking ‘Enable’ – you’ll need to enter a new password
  7. Tweet your screenshot and  “I just tested new password feature at @MyNEARWallet  via @LearnNEAR Beta test!”
  8. Submit feedback form.


    • We’re excited to announce that the password option for MyNearWallet is available on testnet
    • This feature is aimed at enhancing user security by allowing the encryption of private keys
    • We have launched this as a beta test programme on Learn NEAR Club to spread the word about this new feature, and to allow for significant testing
    • You can turn off password encryption at any time. WARNING: Disabling password encryption will expose your accounts to a bigger risk
    • If you already have a testnet account, you’ll see an advisory above your wallet to set up a password. This will also apply when we launch on mainnet – if you have an account, you will need to set up your password in the ‘Account’ section of your wallet.

Fill the Feedback form

The top 20 beta testers will get 4 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 20 NEAR.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to ask at LNC Telegram Beta test topic


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