Dapplets NEAR Tipping Beta Test

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Beta test sprint starts: September 6, 11 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: September 10, 11 am ET


    1. Install Dapplets extension from the Chrome Extension Store to your Chrome or Brave Browser (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dapplets/pjjnaojpjhgbhpfffnjleidmdbajagdj)
    2. Activate it and go to the Twitter feed page
    3. Open Dapplets Extension Overlay and activate Tipping NEAR Dapplet
    4. Now there is a Tip button in the bottom buttons panel of every tweet. Try to send a tip to a tweet of a content maker of your choice or even to your own tweet.

    5. After the transaction is processed Tip button will change its label to the amount of tokens that were sent to that tweet.
    6. Make a screenshot of that tweet with tips stored in it and tweet it with “I just have sent #NEAR tips to this tweet with @dapplets_org Near Tipping Dapplet via @LearnNEAR Beta test!” as a reply to LNC Beta test announcement in @dapplets_org account (https://twitter.com/dapplets_org/status/1698827120573608076). We will send small tips to each 1st tweet from the account, to help you test claim mechanics.
    7. To get tips that were sent to your tweets go to your Twitter profile page and press the Claim button.
    8. Follow the instructions to bind your Twitter account with your NEAR wallet address. A dedicated Connected Accounts dapplet will be used for this purpose.
    9. After binding your accounts together all tips that were previously sent to your tweets will be sent by contract to your NEAR account. From now on, any tips will go straight to the wallet you specify, without any additional steps.
    10. Check how Rebind and Unbind functions work to see how you can switch between different accounts if needed.
    11. Now go to Github and search for an issue in the project you are interested in. As an example, you can do this in any Dapplets repository.
    12. Since the dapplet is already enabled, each issue and its comments now have a Tip button in the header.
    13. Write a comment with “Now it’s easy to send a tip on an issue or comment with Tipping NEAR Dapplet”
    14. Using the Tip button send a tip to your comment.
    15. To get the tips that were sent to your issues or comments go to your Github profile page and press the Claim button under your avatar block.
    16. You need to go through the same process with connecting your account as you did with Twitter. Just follow the on-screen instructions.
    17. After binding your accounts together you get the ability to claim all tips accumulated by your to the NEAR account specified.
    18. Here, also check how Rebind and Unbind functions work to see how you can switch between different accounts if needed.
    19. Go back to Google Web Store, leave a comment and rate Dapplets Extension.
    20. Fill and submit the feedback form



    We’re excited to announce that Dapplets Extension went live in the Google Extension Store. Tipping NEAR Dapplet has also been updated and now with the ability to send tokens to tweets, it is also capable of sending them to issues and comments in Github. Twitter, Github and NEAR account connection is now handled by separate Connected Accounts dapplet and there are also several UI/UX improvements.

    We have launched this as a beta test programme on Learn NEAR Club to spread the word about these new features, and to allow for significant testing

Fill the Feedback form

The top 30 beta testers will get 4 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 20 NEAR.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to ask at LNC Telegram Beta test topic and tag @Aspiro


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