What is Pikespeak?

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Built on the NEAR Protocol, Pikespeak is a Data & Analytics solution offering to institutions, Web3 projects, and individuals:

  • visualisations and dashboards of the most fundamental Web3 use cases; DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, NFTs, etc.
  • a powerful Indexer and API covering 50+ data endpoints
  • dedicated RPC and Indexer
  • Custom data points and insights

The solution has already attracted 400+ early users and is used by top-tier projects within the ecosystem – including Immunefi, Proximity Labs, Octopus Network, Ref Finance, Tonic, Stader and Learn NEAR Club.

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Because blockchain is not designed for traditional analytics tools:

  • Accessing usable data can be complex, making it hard to explore opportunities
  • Extracting data rapidly, at-scale, and at-cost is a nontrivial challenge and requires interpretation based on the smart contracts deployed

In simple terms, Pikespeak aims at:

  • Indexing, storing and transforming on-chain data into human-readable tables
  • Empowering users with powerful analytics

What for?

It depends on the problem/question you need to solve/answer. Here are a few tangible examples (non-exhaustive):

  • DeFi users
    • What’s the value and breakdown of my portfolio?
    • What’s my P/L over a specific period of time?
    • The taxman (ex: IRS) is asking for logs of my trades and blockchain activity for the last fiscal year, how can I provide that information?
    • I am interested in holding a token, but I would like to understand a few things; what’s the circulating supply? Who’s holding the token (rich list)? How do large holders behave? Have they been selling recently? How long have they been holding the token? Etc.
    • What are the largest token transfers over the last 24h?
  • Venture Capital companies
    • What’s the value and breakdown of my portfolio?
    • My accountant is asking for logs of the company’s blockchain activity, how can I provide that information?
    • What are the most active projects?
    • How many active users do my portfolio companies have?
    • One of portfolio companies is asserting that their product is having a massive traction, how can I verify and challenge this information?

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  • Project Owners
    • I am fundraising and would like to understand the addressable market size on my segment (ex: Gaming), how many Gaming active users are there?  Who’s leading on my segment? What are the market shares of competing projects?
    • I would like to incentivise/airdrop specific addresses based on their portfolio and activity, can I get access to the list of those addresses?
    • What’s the TVL of my project?
    • Why did my project lose 20% of its TVL on this specific date?
  • Project Marketing Leaders
    • I have recently supported/led a marketing campaign, how did it translate into user acquisition?
    • I would like to push for a marketing collaboration with another project, has my user base demonstrated an interest / is already interacting with this project? How close are our communities?
    • I would like to incentivise/airdrop specific addresses based on their portfolio and activity, can I get access to the list of those addresses?
  • Project Product Leaders
    • What’s the user retention?
    • What are the most used features (call methods)?
    • A competing project has launched a new feature, how well has it been received by the community? Did it translate into user acquisition?
    • How many of my users are using competing applications? How much are they spending on those other applications?
  • Validator Owners
    • Why did my public validator lose 20% of its delegators yesterday?
    • I see that 1M $NEAR were unstaked yesterday, what was the address behind the unstaking event?
    • How many delegators do I have compared to competing validators?
    • How many rewards has my node accumulated since inception?
  • DAO Owners
    • What’s the DAO treasury?
    • How many DAO members have voted for the last proposal?
    • Is one of my DAO members involved with other DAOs? If yes, what are there?
    • How many payments does my DAO have settled over the last year? For what total amount?
  • Ecosystem Fund Treasury Manager
    • How many grants have been given over the last year? For what total amount?
    • How well are performing my dapp-related grantees on the following criteria; number of transactions, active users, treasury management?
    • How other ecosystem funds have been allocating funds recently? What are the projects being supported?
  • Regulators and/or AML/KYC Compliance Investigators
    • What’s the relationship between this address and another?
    • This address has been involved in a hack, what was the exchange(s) used to cash out?
    • What was/were the exchange(s) used to fund this malicious address?
    • A few hacks have the same modus operandi but were generated by different addresses, are they connected somehow?
    • What are all the layer-1 interactions/graph of a specific address?
  • Blockchain Engineers
    • A specific transaction failed, can I check the breakdown of the receipts of the transaction to understand what happened?
    • What was the gas cost of this specific transaction?

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Data is great, stories are better

The cost to access on-data data is marginal compared to traditional and private markets, such as Stock Exchanges and customer insights (ex: panels) for a specific industry. That creates a unique opportunity for burgeoning journalists, investigators or any type of citizen journalism to emerge. The quality and coverage of the FTX debacle on Twitter was a great illustration of that trend.

Moreover, the NEARWEEK Report-to-Earn model is an innovative way to incentivise citizen journalism and push people to participate in the News content creation process.

Below is a list of events that could potentially lead to interesting and insightful stories. We would like to encourage the LNC community to leverage Pikespeak to tell great stories.

  • June 23rd, 2022 – 39M $NEAR tokens were unstaked from validators
  • March 4th, 5th and 6th, 2023 – Near Social (social.near) has had a significant inflow of new users
  • March 8th, 2023 – The Multi Sender (multisender.app.near) contract (send multiple transfers in one simple transaction) sent $1.13M to multiple addresses, its largest transaction since creation

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For more information, contact:

Didier Pironi

Email: [email protected]

Date: 09/03/2023


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