Pikespeak Beta test

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Beta test sprint starts: March 14, 9 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: March 19, 9 am ET


  1. Login with NEAR at https://pikespeak.ai/
  2. Start your FREE trial
  3. Explore NEAR world https://pikespeak.ai/near-world/overview
  4. Explore your favorite NEAR wallets https://pikespeak.ai/wallet-explorer
  5. Explore your favorite NEAR contracts https://pikespeak.ai/contract-analysis/overview/global
  6. Unleash your curiosity – explore other dashboards
  7. Make a screenshot of the dashboard/graph that impressed you the most!
  8. Tweet your screenshot and  “These numbers look beautiful at @pikespeak_ai via @LearnNEAR Beta test!”
  9. Submit feedback form

Fill the Feedback form

The top 20 beta testers will get 4 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 20 NEAR.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to contact project lead @dpironi at LNC Telegram Beta test topic

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26 thoughts on “Pikespeak Beta test”

  1. Just tested out https://pikespeak.ai/ and I’m impressed! The user interface is sleek and intuitive, and the results are accurate. I appreciate how they take feedback seriously and strive for continuous improvement. Highly recommend giving it a try!

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  2. Really the best analytic resource about NEAR among all existing those i have seen up to now.
    But, it could be even much better if becomes as dynamic ‘building by all community’ platform instead of a static set of dashboards&graphs built by the team only. I noticed more details in the feedback.
    And, the subscription price is too high as for those who use it for own needs only, who are not media providers&influencers&etc.

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