Update – December 21, 2021

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To Share and +4 nLEARNs

Brief Summary:

  • December nLEARNs Redeem to NEAR Window was the BIGGEST in 2021!


  • 💸 Ⓝ700 sent to 350 (L)Earners, including some Sybil attackers ;(
    We are working on improving Sybil attacks resistance, any feedback on this is more then WELCOMED!

    Congrats and happy (L)Earning!
  • 🤑There are about Ⓝ30 unclaimed  at Tip with NEAR for Twitter. So please check if some of them are waring for you.

    Instructions are here https://github.com/dapplets/tipping-dapplet 
    Tweet a cool twit tagging  @LearnNEAR and @dappletsproject   and get tips in $NEAR

  • 📒 What Is Tokenomics? Express Guide + Create your OWN token on NEAR Testnet
  • 🦧You can use NEAR NFTs as LNC Profile Picture:

Challenges & Blockers:

Action Items:

Generate comment with AI 2 nL

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