Streamlined Guide to Community Mining: Maximizing HOT in Villages

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Mining HOT in villages is an innovative community mining initiative that’s gained traction with over 1,000,000 participants. This approach leverages Telegram chats for village creation or joining, enhancing HOT acquisition through a 5% bonus on claims, benefitting the village’s treasury. These funds are earmarked for community rewards and other communal benefits.

Joining a Village:

  • Create or Join: Send a chat link to the bot for village creation or join an existing one.
  • Top Villages: Join through direct links. Join LNC Hot village now!
  • Village Switching: Join a new village at any time, with a HOT fee applied to all switches except the first.

Village Competitions: Villages vie in accumulating HOT treasures within leagues, with top performers earning rewards and in-wallet promotions.

Village Fund Management: Admin rights are granted to @herewalletbot for village fund management, with initial admin controlling the treasure.

Looking Ahead: Future updates aim to boost community engagement through multiplayer features, including HOT giveaways, inter-village competitions, and voting on treasure allocations.

This streamlined approach offers a community-centric way to mine HOT, promising more interactive and rewarding experiences.

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