NEAR Tinker Union: The Journey of Tinkers so far on NEAR

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Ever wondered how the journey of one of the best NEAR Wallets named Meteor wallet got started on NEAR? If not, then now would be a good time to explore who are the people behind NEAR and how they came into existence in Q1, 2022.

The team behind Meteor Wallet is NEAR Tinker Union. NEAR Tinker Union is an NFT collection community on NEAR that started their NEAR journey early in 2022 with a minting NTU NFT event in Feb 2022. This community of builders believe that the blockchain is going to bring more freedom to the world. Till now the team and their community has built some amazing products that benefit the NEAR ecosystem and are bringing value to their NFT holders.


When did the minting of NEAR Tinker Union happen?

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Who is the team behind Meteor Wallet?

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About NEAR Tinker Union Collection

Near Tinker Union aka NTU community is a union of 3,333 tinkers formed to tink extraordinary tools to help the ever-growing ecosystem. The collection got minted in Feb 2022 with the price of 6 $NEAR on . Back then NTU holders got access to a gated discord full of alphas, 25% of royalties fee given back to holders, 20% of launchpad revenue will be distributed among holders, and many more earning opportunities.


What was the minting price of NEAR Tinker Union?

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How much royalty fees goes back to the holders?

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Today the floor price of the NFT’s is around 69 $NEAR (11x ROI since the launch) with more than 500+ holders and total volume whopping around 92K $NEAR.

Market Cap

Market Cap is calculated by multiplying the average price of the NFT over seven days by how many of them exist. NFT marketplaces can be tricky because it’s not always easy to find someone willing to buy your NFT when you want to sell it.

So, if an NFT has a high estimated market cap, it suggests that there are a lot of people interested in buying it and they’re willing to pay a good price. Basically, NFTs with high estimated market caps are usually a good sign because they indicate strong interest from potential buyers.

As of today, NTU has a Market Cap of $697K, ranking the 1st spot in the NEAR NFT leaderboard.

NFTs with high estimated market caps are usually a sign of?

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Rarity Score

NFTs that are rarer usually worth more than ones that are common. A rarity score helps collectors figure out how valuable a specific NFT is. Every feature or characteristic of an NFT gets a rarity score. These scores are added up to give an overall rating for the NFT.

All the 3333 NFTs are 1/1. The rarity of each NFT depends on background, eye, skin, outfit, face, hat and special. You can find about the NFT rarity using the search bar at using:

  • Search by Token/NFT
  • Search by Rank

A rarity score helps collectors figure out how valuable a specific NFT is

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Team Members

Currently the team is of 5 members (3 technical, 2 growth/BD) based in the UK, Malaysia, and South Africa.

  • Edward Chew (CEO)
  • Jonathan (COO)
  • Paul Myburgh (Lead Dev)
  • Henry (SC Dev)
  • Jensen Lim (Designer)

Social Presence

The team boasts a solid group of dedicated community builders who prioritize quality over quantity. Here are some followers/members social account metrics they have gained in the past two years:



The roadmap is vital in NFT projects as it lays out the project’s direction, objectives, and timelines, guiding the team and investors. By sharing it, teams demonstrate transparency, build trust, and keep stakeholders informed about the project’s progress. Additionally, the roadmap helps in effective planning, resource allocation, and communication of the project’s vision and strategy. It also allows for flexibility and adaptability to respond to changes in the dynamic NFT market landscape.

2022 Roadmap

2023 Roadmap

2024 Roadmap

  • Jan-24: Meteor Raised Pre-Seed $500K
  • Jan-24: Meteor Completed Ledger Integration.
  • Jan-24: 100K Meteor Waller Users completed.

Product 01: $GEAR Token

$GEAR is the currency of the Tinkers, it will be needed to participate in their raffles and future offerings. GEAR Token has a total supply of 9,700,000. NTU holders can earn $GEAR by staking their NFTs. As per the recent data 2310 NFTs are staked at which is 70% of the total supply. The allocation of $GEAR to the stakers is based on the Tinkers Rarity ranking. The calculation of $GEAR Reward = 1.0005 ^ (3333 – ranking of tinker)

    • Rank 3333 earns 1 $GEAR daily
    • Rank 1 earns 5.2 $GEAR daily


Tinker Ranking Emission:

Price Action of $GEAR

$GEAR Token All-time low is $0.0009c on Oct-23. Today’s Price: $0.1396 (17th-Feb-24) which sums up the total gain of 15511%. The $GEAR/$wNEAR can be traded at ref finance and price action stats can be monitored at

Product 02: Enleap NFT Launchpad

Another product of the NTU is Enleap ( NFT launchpad: it offers a no-code NFT launchpad with the following features:

  • Start FREE.
  • Pay 5% for your mint + 0% Royalties.
  • Sales Bot, Rarity Ranking etc.
  • Multi-tier Whitelist Management.
  • Marketing Partnership

Product 03: Meteor Wallet

Introducing the third product from the NFT team: Meteor Wallet, a user-friendly and highly secure wallet designed for managing crypto assets, accessing DeFi platforms, and exploring the $NEAR ecosystem.

Recently, the wallet has surpassed 100,000 users and successfully raised over $500,000 in a pre-seed funding round, featuring ledger integration for added security. Additionally, the team has unveiled an exciting NFT collection called “Harvest Moon NFT ,” created in collaboration with Sharddog for dropping the NFT tokens through an airdrop. The campaign’s success is evident as a remarkable 91,405 NFTs were claimed within just one week of its launch.

How much fund Meteor Wallet Team were able to raise in Pre-seed round

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Final Thoughts

The NEAR Tinker Union has been building on NEAR for a long time and has given good products to the community even during the BEAR market time when most of the projects couldn’t keep their promises. Holding one Tinker (NTU NFT) is going to be a long life experience for every NEAR community member to support this ever growing team.


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