NFT art for WooCommerce products

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WooNFT is a user-friendly WooCommerce plugin designed to allow customers to easily mint NFTs via Mintbase for their purchased products. It effectively combines e-commerce with the digital asset sphere by covering all costs and fees, thus offering real value through digital ownership. The project comprises three main elements:

  1. WooCommerce Plugin: This is the project’s foundation, seamlessly integrating with the WooCommerce platform. It enhances product pages with a “Claim a free NFT” button, allowing customers to start the NFT minting process post-purchase.
  2. Serverless/Edge Functions API: This component enables the automated creation and minting of NFTs, incorporating capabilities for image generation via OpenAI’s API, image modification, and blockchain interaction for NFT minting. Serving as a bridge between the WooCommerce plugin and blockchain technology, this API ensures the process is both efficient and scalable.
  3. Mintsa Clone App: Acting as a digital exhibition space, this app displays NFTs minted through the plugin. Linked directly to the plugin’s contract on Mintbase, it offers a visual and interactive environment for users to engage with their NFTs. Visit to explore.

User Experience:

  • Initiation: Post-purchase, customers can mint an NFT for their product by clicking the “Claim a free NFT” button on the checkout completion page.
  • Image Generation: An exclusive digital artwork is crafted, inspired by the purchased product.
  • Minting Process: Customers are directed to create a Mintbase wallet, followed by a guide through the transaction signing process to mint their NFT.
  • Finalization: Customers are returned to the store’s thank you page, greeted with a congratulatory note and a link to view their NFTs on Mintbase.

How to Use: Simply navigate to the Shop section, make a purchase (note: no real payment is required), and post-checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to claim NFTs for your items, with one NFT per item.

Conclusion: This plugin narrows the divide between conventional e-commerce and the emerging NFT landscape, providing a distinct value proposition to customers. It not only makes products more attractive but also familiarizes customers with digital asset ownership by integrating the NFT minting experience into the shopping journey.

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