Update – April 9, 2024

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Brief Summary:

  • 2 Rounds ⚔Wheel of Transactions over 3,000,000 transaction sent🚀


  • 2 Rounds ⚔Wheel of Transactions over 3,000,000 transaction sent🚀. We are processing the submissions, rewards should be available for claim next week
  • March redeem went smooth – over 500 (L)Earners got rewards for learning about Chain Abstraction and using AI while learning!
  • 🧪NEAR onboarding bot Beta Test completed, many thanks to those who provided feedback.You still can to the digital twin of Illia Polosukhin by tagging @NEAR_Onboarding_Bot  LNC TG chat


  • New project is actively brewing at ⚗LNC Barrel🕺 – WooNFT – worth to check!

    Have an exiting idea and ready to bring it to NEAR mainnet? Join LNC Barrel now!
  • 📚(L)Earn about Plato Eat2Earn – Imagine earning while enjoying your favorite meal!

Challenges & Blockers:

Action Items:

  • Cool integration with Here wallet is coming!
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