NearKits — What You Need To Know

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Ok so Nearkits is a Portfolio Tracker…Or that is what it started as. We all know it as a tool we can check our NEAR NFT portfolio on, I for one have used this countless times to check throughout this red market. They also allow a NFT transfer service between wallets and then a NFT messaging service, I’ll get to those part in a moment.

As i write this today 21/05/22 they will be minting their NFT 7PM UTC a 333 collection with different tiers, Silver, Gold and Ruby and mint cost is 10N and 50% of secondary royalties will be distributed to holders…Oh and did i mention they are also under the umbrella of Antisocial Studios

The Roadmap

Phase 1

Ok so with Phase 1 complete which included a place to check your Near NFT portfolio value in USD and NEAR with a average price of all NFT’s, The ability to be able to transfer NFTs between different wallets, the ability to be able to message an NFT owner, so for example you see an NFT you want or maybe have an offer on then you can find their address and send a message directly to their wallet. You also have a very simplified NFT gallery, nothing to celebrate about though.

Phase 2

This is the minting stage, so a collection of 333 NFTs and different tiers called access cards, what else comes with this is:

  • Batch tool listing
  • Batch NFT transfer tool
  • Batch NFT bidding tool
  • Marketplace and whale tracker
  • Personalised gallery links
  • Floor sniping bots
  • NFT price tracker based on rarity

Phase 3

So after all phase 2 has been completed we go on to phase three and what we get is:

  • Sophisticated discord server bots
  • A subscription service (Non holders)
  • NEAR fair launch protocol
  • Token Analytics Tool
  • NEARKits browser extension

Sneak peak of the NearKits NFT

These remind of the portals type access type card NFT types but its the tools behind these that will make investors want to have one and with only 333 supply and a WL mint only it will be interested to see how it goes on secondary.

Here is also what they do daily on their Twitter to keep their community up to date with NEAR NFT FP prices

These are a project that came to the NEAR ecosystem with a build utilities first mentality and to provide utility that we want or need.

(Disclaimer: I am part of their team as an Advisor)


So depending on when you’re reading this you might be minting or grabbing one of secondary i hope i’ve gave you enough info to make an GURU informed decision, as usual always go with that gut instinct too

Links to find them on:


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