Multiverse Fighters – First Patch

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List of changes and updates in Multiverse Fighters. To play, you will need NEAR Wallet on testnet and don’t forget to save the seed phrase

Development tools

1. Implemented functionality for game designers, giving the opportunity:
– to create skills
– to create and edit bots (inventory, deck, etc.)
– to create stuff for bots
– to adjust the balance without the participation of the developer
2. The NFT test base has been updated, new types of NFT have been added

Game / Game Mechanics

1. Added a level and leveling of the character (the ability for the player to distribute the attributes obtained with each level)
2. Races (NFT) added to the game
3. Class and Race now have even more influence on the style of play:
– when using Class, in addition to cards, the characteristics of the player change
– when using Race, some characteristics change for the better, and others for the worse. Examples of races: Human, Elf, Beastman.
4. Added 2 new classes that are undergoing balancing
5. Added new weapons and armor (two-handed weapons, light and heavy armor) it now gives characteristics to the character
6. The Power of the player (or bot) is implemented, the number of tokens received and experience in battle, as well as the search for an opponent depends on the Power
7. Implemented a world map with multi-level mobs (still in the test version)
8. Added 16 first mobs, with special skills and different difficulty levels
9. Updated battle search system

Economy / Token / NFT / Blockchain

1. Basic economy launched:
– The MFIGHT token was added to ref finance in the NEAR test network, a NEAR/FIGHT pair was created
– Added the ability to mint and buy NFT for a game token
2. Each NFT has unique characteristics that vary depending on the rarity
3. Added a smart contract for the experience token
4. Implemented NFT upgrade due to experience token and a game token
5. Implemented accrual of rewards in battles (main token and experience token)
6. A tool for generating NFT traits has been prepared

Character Profile / Social Tabs

1.The system of Clans is implemented in a basic way. You can create a clan, upload a logo and invite users, in the future the functionality will be expanded and transferred to the blockchain
3. Updated the design of the Profile page
4. Player titles are implemented (they can be obtained for activity in the project)
5. PvP/PvE statistics were separated
6. Implemented Favorite NFT, now you can choose the NFT that will be displayed in your profile
7. Implemented viewing of achievements (NFT received for special events in the game)
8. Added viewing of recent fights
9. Token claim added
10. Added a graph-diagram of the game on the classes
11. Added a profile editing page (nickname, motto, description and avatar)
12. The player’s decency parameter is implemented, it changes from the good / bad behavior of the player in the game (do not surrender, do not leave the game until the end)
13. Implemented game chat (basic)
Implemented viewing of Online players at the location
14. Added a leaderboard (in the test version) with the display of top players by winrate and other parameters
15. The tournament bracket is divided into groups for easy viewing with a large number of people
16. A smart contract for reputation (token) has been implemented into the game
17. Now you can view the profile of other players.


1. Implemented functionality for filling Wiki pages, as well as individual pages on the site for viewing the wiki (Work on the Wiki is underway)
2. Implemented a system of notifications on the site (both personal and general)

Base / Server

Functionality has been prepared on the server to create analytics in the game (the number of new players by dates, the use of classes, the ratio of class wins, the number of fights by dates, the number of tokens received (basic and experience) by dates)

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