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Talentum‘s what you get when you mix the best of the old school with the new: think SAP meets Upwork, but we’re talking full-on Web3 style. It’s where the sharp minds meet the cutting-edge enterprises. Here, you can build your crew of top-notch talents for the long game while running your ambassador gigs, boosting your community’s strength, and keeping an eagle eye on all your social plays with the kind of smoothness you won’t find anywhere else.

The Challenge:
Managing community and ambassador programs traditionally involves the utilization of multiple tools such as Airtable, Google Spreadsheets, Notion, Typeform, Zealy, Layer3, MultiSender, Upwork, and many more. This approach not only consumes significant time and human resources but also lacks transparency, making it challenging to identify high-performing individuals. Such campaigns are frequently marred by low-quality efforts, hindering the overall effectiveness of the program.

The Talentum Solution:
Talentum has resolved these challenges by implementing a quality ranking and direction system. With Talentum, you can effortlessly discern the capabilities of your community members, whether they are skilled designers, developers, copywriters, or celebrated figures in the Web3 ecosystem. Our platform empowers project owners to create their talent databases, ensuring that future hirings are not only professionals but also individuals who have already demonstrated a genuine passion for the project. So you can onboard, analyze, communicate, manage and reward your community within only one supperapp – Talentum.

Our Achievements:
Talentum has already achieved Product-Market Fit by onboarding leading projects in the Web3 space, including Metis, Aurora, Bwarelabs, Sei, Oasis, and several others with around 1000 ambassadors. Additionally, we have received grants from Dfinity and Covalent, further solidifying our position in the industry.

Demo: https://youtu.be/_438mEjqo2w


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