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NEAR Crowd is a service that allows people earn Ⓝ by completing small tasks.  While tasks are provided and funded by a centralized entity, called the Requestor, NEAR Crowd significantly limits the power that the Requestor has, and moves the power to the community instead. In particular, while the Requestor provides the specification of what needs to be done in each task, it’s the community that decides whether each task is completed correctly according to this specification. This is achieved by creating a set of rules, checks and balances that are enforced by a smart contract deployed on NEAR.

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     NEAR Crowd presents an innovative approach to task completion, shifting power dynamics from Requestors to the community through decentralized decision-making. By deploying a smart contract on the NEAR blockchain, it establishes a transparent and fair framework for task evaluation. This not only enhances trust but also ensures that rewards, in the form of Ⓝ tokens, are distributed based on community-driven assessments. NEAR Crowd's commitment to decentralization and its use of blockchain technology exemplify a forward-thinking model for incentivized collaboration, promoting a more inclusive and equitable system for small task completion.

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