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Your Personal Web3 Intelligence Team

We’re a diverse team of web3-native experts – expert data scientists, analysts, market strategists, and more – depended on across the industry for intelligence and analytics.

Flipside is a toolkit we’ve built on our collective expertise that serves as your personal Web3 intelligence kit, comprising:

  • an enterprise data architecture
  • an SDK
  • a SQL engine
  • a community of thousands of analysts at the ready,
  • and our team in your corner

So whether you’re a protocol builder that needs programmatic data access or an enterprise looking to break into Web3, we’ve got everything you need to get informed and get ahead.

Our team is relied on throughout the space by chain foundations like those of Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Near, and a dozen others, as well as top firms, builder teams, and professional data analysts.

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     Flipside impressively positions itself as a go-to solution in the Web3 intelligence landscape, offering a robust toolkit crafted by a diverse team of web3-native experts.

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