NEAR.AI Master Plan: A Simple Guide

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NEAR.AI wants to create advanced AI that everyone can use and own. Here’s the plan:

  1. Teaching Machines to Code: AI Developer – First, they will create an AI that can learn to code.
  2. Researching with AI: AI Researcher – Next, this AI will learn to do research.
  3. Creating Advanced AI for Everyone – Finally, they will use this research to create powerful AI that belongs to everyone.


  • Open Source: Everything will be open for everyone to use and improve.
  • Non-Profit: The NEAR Foundation, a non-profit organization, will lead this effort.
  • User Ownership: The goal is for users to own their AI.

NEAR Ecosystem:

  • Millions of Users: NEAR has tens of millions of users.
  • Growing Developer Community: More and more AI projects are joining NEAR.
  • Strong Funding: NEAR has the money needed to succeed.

NEAR’s Current Product:

  • Easy-to-Use Blockchain: NEAR has a blockchain that is simple to use and develop on.
  • Many Active Users: More active users than any other blockchain.

Future Vision:

  • User-Owned AI: AI that works for you and keeps your data private.
  • Full Customization: Users can customize their AI experience completely.
  • Community and Brands: AI will help communities and brands work together and make transactions directly.

Building AI Developer:

  • Started in 2017: NEAR began by trying to create an AI-driven autocomplete.
  • Pivoted in 2018: They switched to building a decentralized platform.
  • Progress by 2024: Now, NEAR has millions of users and many daily active users.

Challenges in Blockchain:

  • Fragmentation: Products are spread across many blockchains.
  • Few Developers: Less than 7,000 full-time Web3 developers.
  • High Value of Web3 Code: Web3 code is valuable and costly to develop.

AI Developer’s Role:

  • Efficiency Leap: Create Web3 products easily using simple language inputs.
  • Open Source Development: All software, datasets, and models will be open source.
  • Collaboration: Work together with other AI and Web3 projects.

Community Engagement:

  • New Applications: Involve the community to create new applications.
  • More Infrastructure: Need more than just blockchain, like peer-to-peer communication and private computation.
  • Leveraging NEAR Ecosystem: Use NEAR’s existing token-based economy.

Benefits to NEAR Ecosystem:

  • More Applications: Attract more users with new applications.
  • Economic Opportunities: Create new economic opportunities and network effects.

Advancing AI:

  • AI Researcher: Discover new insights by combining existing information.
  • End Goal: User-Owned AGI: AI that is smarter than human experts, transforming computing.


  • Serving Users: AI must serve and be owned by individuals and communities.
  • Open Source AGI: To benefit everyone, all AI and AGI must be open source and user-owned.

What is the ultimate goal of NEAR.AI's master plan?

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NEAR.AI’s vision is to democratize AI, ensuring it’s open and user-owned. By engaging the community, leveraging NEAR’s robust ecosystem, and focusing on open-source development, NEAR.AI aims to transform how we interact with technology. This journey, starting with teaching machines to code and progressing towards advanced AI, promises a future where AI empowers everyone. Together, we can build a more inclusive and innovative digital world.

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