Introduction to Harvest $MOON

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Harvest Moon is a play-to-earn game within Meteor Wallet. Players complete fun tasks to earn $MOON tokens, which can be used for rewards and airdrops on the platform. Our goal is to make digital finance easy and enjoyable for everyone, blending gaming excitement with the benefits of blockchain technology.

Core features

Harvests: Initially, you can harvest moonlight every two hours. As you progress, you can upgrade to extend these periods and increase the $MOON you collect based on your rate of Tinkers.

Lotteries: Each harvest offers a chance not only to gain $MOON tokens but also to win additional contracts, enabling you to recruit more Tinkers and boost your harvesting capacity.

What type of Tinkers help you harvest the most $MOON?

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Player Tiers: Level Up and advance through tiers by paying your own gas fees and utilizing wallet offerings, gaining access to enhanced rewards with each upgrade.

Upgrades: Improve your moonlight storage to extend harvest time and expand your lab capacity to recruit more Tinkers using $MOON.

Moonlight Relics: Enhance your $MOON per hour rate with relics, such as Harvest Moon NFTs or items crafted with the $GEAR token. (coming soon)

Missions: Engage in missions that build your blockchain expertise and utilize DeFi elements for benefits, earning rewards for activities like token swaps, crypto purchases, staking, and exploring new dApps. (coming soon)

Referrals: Boost your earnings by inviting friends; successful referrals will earn you an additional contract + 20% of their $MOON earnings, forever.

How much percentage of $MOON can someone earn by inviting friends (referral)?

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Security and Safety

Security is a top priority for harvesting $MOON using the Meteor Wallet. The platform employs robust security measures to protect users’ assets and transactions by requiring users to save their seed phrase and set up a password before they start any activity or transaction with Harvest $MOON or Meteor Wallet.

User Experience

Harvest $MOON, in conjunction with Meteor Wallet, delivers a superior user experience by combining user-friendly design, robust security, seamless transactions, and innovative features. Whether you’re looking to earn, manage, or grow your digital assets, Harvest $MOON provides a reliable and enjoyable platform to achieve your goals.


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    Actually it is verry fun when you compare with the other mining apps.  Thinker system and contracts are verry cute. But need to have first expert contract asap! 

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