A Beginner’s Guide to NameSky: Buy, Sell, and Manage Securely NEAR Accounts as NFTs

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NameSky is a user-friendly platform that enables trading of NEAR accounts as NFTs on the NEAR blockchain. With its smart contracts audited by @pessimistic_io, NameSky ensures a secure experience for users. You can find the audit report here and explore the NameSky marketplace to see accounts minted as NFTs.

This guide will help you navigate the NameSky platform, covering the process of turning a NEAR account into a NameSky NFT, checking the NFT on your NEAR wallet page, listing your NFT on the marketplace, and regaining control of a NEAR account by burning the NameSky NFT.

Step 1: Turn a NEAR account into a NameSky NFT

To turn your NEAR account into a NameSky NFT, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NameSky website and click on “Mint” on our website.
  2. Connect your NEAR wallet to the NameSky platform.
  3. Choose the NEAR account you want to turn into a NameSky NFT.
  4. Upon minting, a lock contract will be deployed to the attached NEAR account, and all access keys will be removed. This means that only the owner of the NFT (you) can access the NEAR account.

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Step 2: Check the NFT on your NEAR wallet page

To view your newly minted NameSky NFT:

  1. Log in to your NEAR wallet.
  2. Navigate to the “Collectibles” tab.
  3. You will see your NameSky NFT listed with the attached NEAR account.

Step 3: List your NFT on the NameSky marketplace

To list your NameSky NFT for sale:

  1. Go to a NFT detail page.
  2. Click on “Sell”.
  3. Set your desired price.
  4. Confirm your listing, and your NFT will be available for others to purchase.

Step 4: Take back a NEAR account by burning the NameSky NFT

If you want to regain control of your NEAR account:

  1. Visit your NameSky profile page.
  2. Locate the NameSky NFT you want to burn.
  3. Click on the “Take back the account.” from the dropdown
  4. A new recovery phrase will be generated locally on your device, granting you access to the NEAR account.
  5. The NameSky NFT will be burned, and you’ll regain full control of the attached NEAR account with the recovery phrase from step 4 on https://wallet.near.org/recover-account

NameSky provides a secure and easy way to buy and sell NEAR accounts as NFTs. By following this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the platform and manage your NEAR accounts and NFTs with confidence. Whether you’re looking to buy a unique NEAR account or sell your own, NameSky offers a convenient and secure solution for your needs. Happy (L)Earning!

If you’re still unsure about how NameSky works, you can try it out for yourself on the testnet app here: https://testnet.namesky.app

True or False: Upon minting a NameSky NFT, all access keys will be removed from the attached NEAR account.

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64 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to NameSky: Buy, Sell, and Manage Securely NEAR Accounts as NFTs”

  1. With Namesky, your Near Protocol account becomes more than just a digital wallet. It becomes a verifiable piece of digital asset, a collectible, and a symbol of your presence in the decentralized world. By turning your account into an NFT, Namesky adds an extra layer of personalization and exclusivity to your digital identity. Moreover, Namesky offers a seamless integration with Near Protocol’s robust infrastructure. Your account’s NFT remains securely connected to its original Near Protocol address, ensuring that you retain full control and access to your assets and funds. Namesky leverages the power of blockchain technology to guarantee the authenticity and provenance of your NFT, making it a trusted representation of your Near Protocol account.

  2. I used to test NameSky’s platform since when it’s testnet stage & early beta stage, everything works perfectly all time. And, i may say that it’s really a groundbreaking & excellent tech.
    NameSky’s marketplace is not about just to create&reserve a beautiful NEAR names for the following resale at a higher price, as someone might think at the first look. This is just a small peak of iceberg. But the real power is that you can easily pass the ownership of NEAR account to smb else, a such easily as to sell one single NFT, including everything that the account contains: all tokens, smart contracts, shares&allowances in DeFis, accounts in socials&other sites where this minted as NFT account has been used earlier for a login&registration, and so on. This is reliable as NameSky fully deletes keys of the previous owner when mint account as NFT and creates a new keys&passphrase for a new owner when he redeem account from NFT. And this process if fully automated by NameSky’s smart contract, i.e. doesn’t require a deep tech knowledge from a user.
    A such opportunity opens a serie of a nice usecases. For example, a developer may code&deploy a smart contract by order of smb else, then after complete the job just pack into a single nft the NEAR account with his newly created smart contract, and then just simply sell it to employer. A simple & decentralized way to complete a work and receive a honest reward.
    As example of another usecase, i have minted an account which contains a Learner NFT (a membership card of LNC).
    Here it ishttps://namesky.app/learner_nft_gift.near
    You may just grant it to your friend or give to your referral as a promotion, and a newbie will join to LNC having a Learner NFT at account already, and enjoy by full perks of membership.

  3. It is a really cool and the most remarkable achievement by the NAMESKY team in the $NEAR blockchain. I have used several blockchain products from different chains. Still, till now I haven’t found any such products that literally allow users to sell their wallets without compromising their privacy and security except NameSky. Again all thanks to NameSky and its team for their hard work and creative dedication to bringing such a tool to the DeFi ecosystem. Especially building in the $NEAR chain one of the cheapest and fastest chains of all time. I have been part of the name sky project from day one and have also joined in previous beta testing of NameSky. Not only that I have earned some passive income by selling unique wallets in NameSky. Thanks to liaa.near for providing such a sweet and informative guide to use the Name Sky platform. All I can say to the NameSky team is to keep building and keep up with innovations for better DeFi in the future.

  4. It is sooo very great interface. Easy to follow guide. I will keep my Namesky Nft. This a hidden project this worth more than 5near in the future.

    1. For sure, NameSky project will have a great future because of it’s great use case.
      But do you know that anytime you may add anything to this Near account which you have minted as your Namesky Nft?
      The account is still live in blockchain as any other existing account despite it has been minted as NFT. So you may just send to it some more NEAR or any other tokens, or some NFTs. So, in this way you may increase the value of your Namesky Nft even much more.

  5. The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand, I can easily mint and buy sell NS NFT

  6. I think the Namesky project is a hidden gem. When the Near ecosystem explodes, Namesky will be like ENS, take advantage when everything is almost free

  7. It is amazing how easily you can buy and sell Near accounts as NFTs!
    NameSky is an ideal platform where users can choose their favorite Near account name.

    1. Yeah totally agree with you brother, It is a great tool that allows you to sell your wallet by converting it to NFT. It’s better than any other name service ever known

  8. From day one we all feel the lack of a proper name service in Near protocol. NameSky NFT is the answer to this problem, the minting process was straightforward, I minted a few NFTs, and there were no problems. congratulation to the team for launching the mainnet. by the way, you can mint my NFT p0w.near

    1. Yeah, this is a wonderful naming service. I has sold my account at namesky for 5 NEAR. I was so happy. Hope you can sell your NFT at namesky too.

  9. So my chance have come. I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve created some great Near accounts at very early age and was lucky enough to be able to secure some unique Near accounts that somebody may be interested in. I’ve tried in testnet first and found out NameSky is pretty easy to use and the fee is much lower than my expectation, to me it’s almost same to free OMG. I’ve list my NFT here at https://testnet.namesky.app/1994bean.testnet with some discount. Take a look at it!!!

  10. this is awesome. minting 1 NFT on this platform is very fast, low cost and very easy to use interface

    In the future, it is hoped that the platform will offer many beautiful NFT options with an interface that is closer to everyone to make it more accessible to users.


  11. I minted and sold account as NFT form quite easily and conveniently through NameSky. Its interface is simple and elegant. The logic is pretty easy to understand, easy to use.

  12. I have minted my first NS NFT
    The best part I like about Name sky is it gives steps by step instruction how to mint and it prevents you from minting your original account which has funds.keep in mind that don’t mint the account has nft which you use to store your funds.Thanks
    Feel free to ask any questions

    1. good advice, but NameSky always knows how to protect users from selling their main account

  13. I have minted and listed for sell its very easy to understand how to mint an NFT and sell it in the market,I suggest everyone to try it and if you have funny and unique name NFT you should try to tell it using @Namesky ,Thanks

  14. I minted and sold account as NFT form quite easily and conveniently through NameSky. Its interface is simple and elegant. The logic is pretty easy to understand, easy to use.

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