Crypto Hero, NEAR Game

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NEAR Game Crypto Hero
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What is Crypto Hero?

Crypto Hero is a blockchain based game, mainly focused on PvE – where you can grind dungeons and trade items with other players, as well as play with friends in a raid system where you can earn Pixel Token prizes weekly.
The idea is inspired by traditional RPGs, as well as action RPGs such as Diablo.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 1

It tries to implement mechanics from those games in a simple manner, allowing for a streamlined experience where players can develop their characters, compete with others and ,most importantly, earn.

The game contains 5 main elements, which I’ll list down below.

Why should you play Crypto Hero?

Crypto Hero is the second game installment from PixelDapps  and will not be the last – a team that has been successfully producing blockchain games where players find opportunities to earn prizes while having fun. The current token is stable and rising, which is the perfect time for early investment.
Other than that, Crypto Hero is fun. It creates a progression system from RPGs into a whole new level with NFT items that are collected and traded throughout a community that is first and foremost connected with ideas and aspirations in the ecosystem.

How do you play Crypto Hero?

Crypto Hero Rules

When can I play Crypto Hero?
MainNet release is on Jan. 22

Where can I play Crypto Hero?

Play Crypto Hero

  1. The Auction House

Items can be exchanged on the auction house with Pixel Tokens.
You can filter down items through categories as well as different types of equipment for easier searching.

  1. The Items

Your hero can equip up to 6 different items: a weapon, armor, boots, a necklace, a ring and a helmet.

Items are defined by rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary.

Items can be dropped in dungeon runs, the deeper the dungeon level, the better the item drops.

Items will make your hero stronger.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 3

  1. The Hero

Your hero has HP, Level and Experience.

Your hero can level up when it gains enough experience. 

The higher your hero level is, the stronger he gets.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 4

  1. The Dungeon

You can send your hero dungeon exploring, where he will face a hoard of creatures.

You can choose how deep you want to go into a dungeon, deeper levels give better loot and experience, but become exponentially harder. 

Once you beat the dungeon, you are rewarded with loot and experience and need to wait to go into the dungeon again.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 5

  1. The Ranking Ladder

The ranking ladder displays the highest levels + item levels in the game, creating a competitive scenario between players.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 6

  1. The Raids

The raid system is a social push for players to connect with each other, as well as being the main earning part of the game. You can group up with other 7 players in order to fight bosses that have different ranking difficulties and different rewards.

NEAR Game Crypto Hero 7

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