Step 2 – Reading web3 NEAR Certified Developer

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Learn to read contracts that control money, identity and ownership.

:sparkles: The goal for today is to read as many contracts as you can. :sparkles:

Sometimes people aren’t sure how to complete this activity. These tips may help.

Consider that it is better to read many times quickly and NOT just one time slowly. Read How to survey? to better understand why and how you can do this

Try to figure out how to get to the contract code. Then move to quickly read the code. You want to see as much as you can. Ask yourself about the “purpose” of the contract (why is it?) and “code” (what is it?)

  • AssemblyScript contracts are files that end in .ts, usually main.ts or index.ts
  • Rust contracts are always in a file named

:green_book: CORE Activities

  1. In the Resources section below choose AssemblyScript or Rust
    • REVIEW all 3 contracts labeled as CORE Activity for your language

:blue_book: BONUS Activities

If you have the time to look around the corner, here’s a little more for you.

  1. Clone the starter repository for your language of choice and follow the instructions

The more you read the better so keep going if you can. Remember to focus on READING and avoid the temptation to build and run everything along the way because it’s a distraction at this point. You can build and run everything tomorrow.

  1. Read ALL the contracts for your language of choice, not just 3
  2. Read all the contracts from the OTHER language as well.

:orange_book: Going Deeper

If you’re feeling fearless, here’s about as far as you might take this road in a day

None of us is as smart as all of us

– Ken Blanchard

It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.

– Albert Einstein

:dart: Resources

REMEMBER: For this Step activity

  • You do NOT need to build and test each contract
  • You do NOT need to understand every line of code
  • You SHOULD simply read through the contracts as if you are looking at art or listening to music without worrying about every dot or note


If you intend to focus on AssemblyScript, [ OPEN the list of AssemblyScript contracts ]

You should read a minimum of 3 contracts marked as CORE Activity.

The list of AssemblyScript contracts


If you intend to focus on Rust, [ OPEN the list of Rust contracts ]
Explore these Live Contract Reviews by Evgeny Kuzyakov, NEAR super 🌟 core developer:

NEAR Live Contract Review | Part 1: Voting Contracts

NEAR Live Contract Review | Part 2: Staking Pool Contract

NEAR Live Contract Review | Part 3: Whitelist and Staking Pool Factory

You should read a minimum of 3 contracts marked as CORE Activity.

The list of Rust contracts


✅ Now, it is time to submit assignment!

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