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‘So what exactly is Roketo? Why would you choose cryptocurrency as a payment method? And how are you different from the dozens of other crypto payment services out there?’ — We hear these questions a lot and collected our best answers in this article.

Below we are going to cover how Roketo works and why it will radically change your payment process.

Many companies struggle to find a fast and reliable way of payment especially if their teams are distributed across several jurisdictions. In this case cryptocurrency saves you from the hassle of the international wire transfers which can be time-consuming and require some paperwork.

Roketo is a crypto streaming service which allows you to pay people and services per second. Low commission, fast speed of transactions, and transparency make it a perfect solution for payroll delivery. Our clients use our service to pay employees, transparently send grant funds, drop their own tokens, and vest to their investors. Real time streaming is also handy when it comes to pay-per-minute services such as car parking, equipment or co-working rental.

How does it work?

Roketo links to a user wallet and transmits funds to recipients in real-time. The payer logs in with NEAR wallet, sets up a stream, its duration, and other settings, enters the recipient’s wallet address and then starts streaming the money. The funds are delivered to the stream wallet of the recipient, who can then withdraw them to convert them.

How is it different from other solutions on the market?

Low commission

Roketo is built on NEAR and this enables us to keep one of the lowest commissions on the market. While our competitors take 50$–100$ per stream, each Roketo’s stream setup costs less than 1$. On top of that, you will have to pay the gas fee for your transactions which in NEAR ecosystem is also lower than in other blockchains. Just a comparison: in Etherium cost per transaction is slightly more than $1 and in NEAR it costs just a few cents.

This means that with Roketo senders can efficiently set up hundreds of streams at the lowest possible cost and recipients can withdraw money as often as they prefer.

Fast transactions

Real-time streaming means your funds come every second at a certain speed and your recipients can withdraw them at any moment. You can forget about hours of waiting in other services, not to mention days when it comes to traditional financial instruments.


Our clients get complete transparency of funds allocation and payroll delivery. Even when doing mass payments to their investors or community, companies still have complete control over the real time token allocation. Each stream has unique url where you can keep track of the distribution. It facilitates financial planning, tax payments, and reporting.

Intuitive interface

You need no more than one minute to set up your first stream in Roketo. Every option for stream controlling can be accessed and updated easily from both receiver and sender with no 3rd parties. Pause, resume, stop, extend streams and get the full operation history in the dApp. User interface is comfortable to use even for the team members without crypto knowledge.

Recently we have secured $900,000 in the seed round with the participation of Move Capital, MetaWeb Ventures, and A&T Capital. This investment will help us develop our product even faster so stay tuned for the new updates.

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