What is Pikespeak? Season 2

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Pikespeak is a Data & Analytics solution built on Near protocol. The solution provides:

  • Dashboards and visualisations of the most fundamental Web3 use cases;
  • An API with 50+ endpoints to consume live, historical data, and insights in a programmatic way.


The more information one accumulates, the more opportunities one creates. Accessing usable data on blockchains can be complex, making it hard to explore opportunities. At Pikespeak, our core mission is to empower individuals, projects and institutions by offering a frictionless Web3 data experience.

Launched on NEAR Protocol in summer 2022 by Francois, Bertrand and Didier, pikespeak.ai has already attracted over 5,000 early users and is used by top-tier projects within the ecosystem, including Immunefi, Electric Capital, Blockdaemon, Gauntlet, Proximity Labs, Ref Finance, Learn NEAR Club, ShardDog, Stader, and Meta Pool.

Since inception, Pikespeak has recorded over 1 billion on-chain events and generated over 40 data points for more than 60 million accounts. Actionable data that can supercharge Web3 projects, allowing them to take action.

What can I do with Pikespeak?

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Who is using Pikespeak? What for?

Based on the Crypto Map (2024), introduced by Vitalik Buterin in his blog post The end of my childhood, here are tangible examples of how pikespeak.ai is being leveraged by market participants.

Token holders and DeFi users

  • Track the USD value of on-chain portfolio
  • Track all token balances
  • Track DeFi positions and earnings (e.g. liquidity and farming positions, lending and borrowing positions)
  • Access and download historical on-chain events (e.g. transfers, swaps)
  • Visualise cumulated incoming and outgoing transfers per token
  • Search account-to-account breakdown of transfers

Pragmatic users

  • Track tokens and new tokens opportunities
    • Get last hour and/or twenty-four hour transfer trends
    • Get market cap, number of holders, circulating supply, and last transfers for specific tokens
  • Track large token holders’ on-chain actions
  • Verify contract address and historical transactions

Using Pikespeak, can I get access to all historical transactions for any accounts?

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Application builders

  • Index methods for a specific contract
  • Review transaction logs
  • Get transaction details and execution cost
  • Get addressable market size for any vertical (e.g. Gaming, DeFi, NFTs)
  • Extract list of accounts based on:
    • Portfolio size
    • On-chain activity
  • Track USD TVL of a specific contract
  • Review user acquisition phases and details per contract
  • Track user retention per contract
  • Get all unique accounts that have interacted with a specific contract

Intellectuals (Researchers)

  • Track number of unique delegators that are participating in the consensus mechanism of the blockchain
  • Get total amount being staked
  • Track major staking and unstaking events per delegator
  • Track staking rewards per delegator
  • Analyse relationship between accounts
  • Extract contextual information for more than 1,800 accounts
    • Vertical (e.g. DeFi, DAOs)
    • Sub-vertical (e.g. AMM, CLOB)
    • Project name (e.g. Ref Finance)
  • Review ecosystem money flows and funding patterns (e.g. Near Foundation, Proximity)


How does Pikespeak generate revenue (choose multiple correct answers)?

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