Update – February 22, 2022

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To Share and +4 nLEARNs

Brief Summary:

  • February nLEARNs Redeem to NEAR Window was the HU-U-U-GE!


  • 💸 Ⓝ850sent to 425 (L)Earners. Congrats and happy (L)Earning!
    nLEARNs farmers were detected, LNC community working on how to determine and mitigate such activities.
  • 🏆🏅🥇 Dapplets Developers contest – more than 100 $NEAR in Awards! Register NOW!
  • 🕵 Check out Neatar Security Analysis by Pessimistic
  • 📲 (L)Earners help one another and get NEAR tips for legit questions and answers at LearnNEAR.Club Official Telegram group

Challenges & Blockers:

Action Items:

  • It is gonna be SUPERHOT spring! Stay tuned!
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