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NEAR Protocol is a smart contract platform which focuses on developer and user-friendliness. With GameFi and blockchain gaming becoming the next big thing, let’s look at some of the gaming protocols that are currently live on NEAR. Specifically, we will be looking at:

  • Chain Typing
  • Pixel DApps: Pixelparty, Pixelpets, and Cryptoheroes.
  • Lands

Chain Typing

Chain Typing is a play-to-earn game that helps you improve efficiency at typing. You will need to own a character to play the game, as represented on the Leaderboard. Initially, there will only be 30 characters available to play the game. As the game scales, there will be more playable characters available. The characters can be used as an ad space to hold descriptions.

Donations will go to the game’s funds to help further the game. The chain character minting fees are also donated to the game’s funds and are non-refundable.

Pixel DApps

Pixel DApps has created three games for the NEAR ecosystem, namely:

  • Pixelparty
  • Pixelpets
  • Cryptoheroes

#1 Pixelparty

PixelParty is one of Pixel Dapps games. It is an NFT Frame showcase with a total supply of 600 tokens. Along with that, you must note the following:

  • Every token that you own allows you to draw on a 20x20px frame.
  • Users can buy different connected frames to draw a larger frame.
  • All frameholders receive rewards from the pixeltoken ecosystem.
  • Active frameholders with a minimum amount of frames get to participate in the DAO.

Here is how to participate in PixelParty:

  • Connect with your NEAR wallet.
  • Pick and buy one of the available frames.
  • Your frames will be located in the sidebar.
  • You are free to draw, edit or list them on the marketplace.

#2 Pixelpets

PixelPets is a game created by Pixel DApps to trade and battle with your pets. It is an NFT game wherein each token represents one of the 60 different pet types. In addition, each pet has one of the four rarity traits – common, rare, epic, and legendary. The trait affects the pet’s different attributes like strength, quality, and level. In PixelPets, you can:

  • Hatch: Collect pet eggs and hatch them. You can only hatch one egg at a time. The higher the pet’s rarity, the longer it takes to hatch the egg. 
  • Train: By training your pet, you can raise the quality rank. You can train your pet by sending them to the gym.
  • Evolve: After gaining enough experience points and getting the desired quality level, your pet can evolve to the next level in the evolution chamber.
  • Fight: Farm experience by dueling with other petmasters. You can also fight in the colosseum and earn prizes and honor.
  • Marketplace: Buy and sell your pets with pixeltoken.

#3 Cryptoheroes

NEAR Game Crypto Hero

The third game created by Pixel DApps is Cryptoheroes – a blockchain-based game focused on PvE looting, trading and forging items, and fighting bosses with friends to earn PXT. Enter dungeons, defeat minions, and gather loot. 

How do you earn PXT:

  • Team up with your allies to join raids, defeat evil bosses, and compete for weekly PXT rewards.
  • Collect powerful items and sell them on the marketplace.
  • You can also reforge your items to improve your existing gear.

How do you participate in raids?

  • Every raid has 8 players. 
  • Raids take place on a weekly basis.
  • The top 20 raids are rewarded each week.

NEAR Lands

NEAR Lands is a decentralized, 2D multiplayer blockchain-based game. You, as a player, can walk around or build a pixelated land-based open world game. Players can:

  • Create their own characters and items.
  • Talk to friends.
  • Engage with other participants in the online universe.
  • Players can explore the landscape and create an immersive and interactive online realm.


NEAR gaming ecosystem is still young, but it’s already showing a lot of promise. So make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out on the newer projects being built on NEAR.

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