Dapplet Twitter Tip Beta Testers Feedback

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To Share and +4 nLEARNs


  1. Follow @LearnNEAR   and @DappletsProject   on Twitter
  2. Follow the directions https://github.com/dapplets/tipping-dapplet
  3. Find and Tip to at least to 5 tweets from different NEAR ecosystem projects – funny memes preferred
  4. Tweet about this with a screenshot and tag the tweet author, @LearnNEAR and @Dapplets Project – this is an example:
  5. Fill the Feedback form.

The top 20 beta testers will get 2NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 10 NEAR. Please make sure your testnet and mainnet account MATCH exactly. – eg. john.testnet and john.near.

Happy testing!

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