Redeem nLEARNs - April15th 2024 9AM ET- Open for 12 hours

In order to participate in Redeem nLEARNs to NEAR, Learn NEAR Club (LNC) Member shall confirm:

  1. Joined LNC at least 2 weeks ago
  2. (L)Earned at least 1 nLEARN a WEEK since previous Redeem Window - stay ACTIVE
  3. (L)Earned at least 80 nLEARNs since previous Redeem Window - stay ACTIVE
  4. Never participated in "bad" activities - jumping from Step to Step without Learning a thing
  5. Have enough amount of nLEARNs at the account
  6. This April we gonna try how Ecommerce paired with NFT - WooNFT store powered by Mintbase wallet!
  7. Read this Guide NFT art for WooCommerce products , Like it, Tip the Author
  8. On your Android phone or iOS device visit WooNFT store -
  9. Simulate the order (you are not buying T-short for real) and claim free NFT (this one is real)
  10. Create new account via Mintbase Wallet
  11. Make a screenshot of your NFT at your Mintbase wallet
  12. Post on X - "I just got my first @WooCommerce NFT via @mintbasewallet at @woonft_art online store during @LearnNear Redeem" and attach your screenshot
  13. Invite at least 2 friends(accounts) to Join LNC and ask them to confirm referral
  14. Limited number of (L)Earner NFT holders have 2 hours priority access to Redeem - first come, first served!
  15. This time we cap the priority access by 100, the rest  400 will be available at 9 am ET to everyone. This way seems to be more fair  - recently joined learners get a chance to redeem too.
  16. For security purposes number of participants is limited to 500 for this Redeem Window so please act in timely manner.

The Redeem Window opens for 12 hours starting April 15, 2024 at 9am ET. It takes 2 business days to process submissions so come to claim NEAR here in 2 business days.

Next Redeem Window is scheduled May 15th, 2024.

Happy (L)Earning!

This event finished please wait for new announcements
Total redeems: 500!

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