Race of Sloths: Gamifying Open-Source Contributions

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Race of Sloths, launched on July 8, 2024, is an innovative project aimed at gamifying open-source contributions and attracting more developers to the NEAR ecosystem. The name playfully alludes to the sometimes slow-paced nature of open-source development, with inspiration drawn from the sloth character in the animated film Zootopia.

What is the primary goal of Race of Sloths?

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At its core, Race of Sloths features a friendly GitHub bot (@race-of-sloths) that contributors can mention in pull requests to earn “Sloths Points” and maintain contribution streaks. The project is powered by the NEAR Protocol, ensuring transparency and permissionless participation.

How does Race of Sloths track contributions?

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Key features of Race of Sloths include:

  1. Sloth Points: Similar to experience points in games, these are awarded for contributions.
  2. Streaks: Completing streaks grants bonus points and can lead to new Sloth ranks.
  3. Lifetime bonuses: Achieved at certain streak milestones, providing a permanent boost to earned points.

The scoring system, ranging from 0 to 13 points, is based on the significance and impact of the contribution. Maintainers have the flexibility to score pull requests according to their project’s needs.

What technology powers the Race of Sloths leaderboard and scoring logic?

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Race of Sloths aims to motivate developers at all levels, from beginners to experienced contributors. It adds an element of fun to open-source development while potentially boosting career opportunities for participants.

While introducing a competitive element, Race of Sloths ultimately emphasizes collaboration within the open-source community. As the team puts it, “The open-source is not about competition, at the end of the day it is about collaboration, so let’s race together!”

This project represents an exciting new approach to incentivizing and recognizing open-source contributions, potentially reshaping how developers engage with collaborative software development.

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    Sounds like an interesting concept for attracting more devs to the system. I would like to know more about the incentives given to developers and how these can equate to tangible results and rewards

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