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"The web3dev is based on 3 pillars: Community, Education and Building.

Community: We created mechanisms with incentives to engage a community of software developers to create exclusive and high quality content about web3 technologies. The community members help each other to enter the web3 space. Our community is organized in pods, each pod for a different theme or blockchain. Each pod has a leader, which helps that pod to evolve, promoting growth to the ecosystem and the whole web3dev community. We incentivize those pods, creating bounties and paying individual contributors when they create new content and deliver value.

Education: The education platform, created by the community, is the place where everybody effectively learns about blockchain technologies. The courses are didactic self-paced project based learning. We give NFT reward as certificates for students who finish the projects.

Building: We find companies that need developers and match our talent community members with maker demands. We build developers team for web3 companies and help these teams to succeed."

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