Reclaim Protocol

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Reclaim Protocol unlocks unlimited possibilities by making HTTPS verifiable in zero knowledge. If you want to prove to me that you have more than a million dollars in your bank account, how would you do it? One option is you send me a screenshot. However, I cannot be sure that you didn’t morph the screenshot. The other option is for you to send me your username password and let me login and check your balance myself. This option obviously assumes that you trust me to not drain your bank account. How can you send some information to a stranger on the internet where trust assumptions fail? That’s what Reclaim Procotol solves for.

Reclaim Protocol generates a zk proof for a TLS session data exchange. When you open an HTTPS website, your browser conducts a ceremony with the server called the TLS Handshake. This handshake involves the passing around of public keys and certificates. These certificates are linked to domain names using a Certificate Authority. All of this tech already exists and works. Reclaim Protocol uses this ceremony to generate zk proofs.

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