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Discover the only NEAR wallet you will need: NEAR Mobile, the most secure and comprehensive mobile wallet designed exclusively for the NEAR Blockchain. Store, send and onramp crypto and NFTs, interact with dapps and DeFi and explore NEAR Protocol from your phone.
Unrivaled Security:
Security isn’t an option; it’s a guarantee. NEAR Mobile is a non-custodial wallet, which means that only you have access to your keys and your crypto. Keep them safe because not even us can recover them if you lose them. We have also included biometric authentication and PIN protection for peace of mind.
Interact with Web3 dApps:
Unlock the limitless potential of the NEAR dApp ecosystem. Easily sign into decentralized applications and explore the investing opportunities in the world of DeFi finance.
Intuitive Design:
Interacting with blockchain should not be complex. NEAR Mobile offers a design that feels familiar from the get-go, shielding you from the intricacies of blockchain technology while delivering an experience that’s pleasing to the eye.
Multi-Currency and NFTs:
Manage an array of tokens and NFTs within the NEAR Blockchain all from one app.
In-App Staking:
Compound your NEAR assets effortlessly. Stake directly within the app and build a more robust portfolio with minimal fuss.
Custom NEAR IDs:
One seed phrase, unlimited possibilities. Create multiple accounts and reserve your personalized NEAR ID for a bespoke experience.
NEAR Mobile isn’t just a wallet; it’s your one-stop-shop to a decentralized universe, seamlessly integrating high-level security, user experience, and versatility. Download NEAR Mobile today and redefine your crypto journey.

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