FASTNEAR API: Revolutionizing Wallet and Explorer Interfaces with Low Latency

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Discover the power of FASTNEAR API, the ultimate low-latency solution designed for wallets and explorers seeking unparalleled efficiency and reliability. With an expected latency of merely ~270ms for most services, FASTNEAR stands out by offering four distinct APIs that cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that your application remains fast and responsive.

  1. Public Key to Account ID Mapping: Easily map any public key to its corresponding account ID, including full access public keys, enabling a seamless integration for authentication and transaction verification processes.
  2. Delegated Staking Pools Information: Retrieve detailed lists of validators to which an account ID has delegated staking, optimizing your platform’s staking strategies and insights.
  3. Fungible Tokens (FT Contracts) Lookup: Access comprehensive information on fungible token contracts associated with an account ID, facilitating a robust analysis of token distributions and transactions.
  4. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT Contracts) Discovery: Uncover the world of NFTs linked to an account ID, from ownership details to contract interactions, enhancing user engagement with personalized content and offers.

Which API call would you use to find the account IDs associated with a full-access public key?

Correct! Wrong!

Whether you’re integrating FASTNEAR API into a wallet application to provide real-time account insights or into a blockchain explorer for enriched data visualization, our API ensures your service remains a step ahead with fast, accurate, and comprehensive data access. Experience the future of blockchain interfaces with FASTNEAR API, where speed meets accuracy.

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