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Beta test sprint starts: May 31, 9 am ET
Beta Test sprint ends: June  4, 9 am ET


  1. Read this guide about NameSky 
  2. Mint your first NS NFT if you have not done it beofre
  3. Go to comments section at the Guide
  4. Write a meaningful comment about your experience with NameSky (you are more than welcome to shill your NS NFT there)
  5. Reply to someone’s else comment
  6. Take a screenshot
  7. Come later and check if there is a notification (you should get on if somebody replies to your comment)
  8. Tweet your screenshot and  “At LNC we use web3 moderation to vet spammers. Happy to help to improve it via @LearnNEAR Beta test!”
  9. Submit feedback form

Fill the Feedback form

The top 20 beta testers will get 4 NEAR, the best feedback submitter will get 20 NEAR.

Happy Testing!

If any question for the test feel free to ask at LNC Telegram Beta test topic

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14 thoughts on “nComments Beta test”

  1. If you are in crypto you must have head about NFT and how can we mint these nft this thought come across atleast once in mind.Namesky made it very esay for anyone to mind and sell nft on Near ecosystem,must try this amazing nft platform.
    I have minted mine,when you……

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    1. Пока непонятно ,как тестировать, что тестируют и на каком устройстве, но очень интересно

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