What do you want (L)Earn next?

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GM,  (L)Earners!

Let’s think together about what is the next big thing we want to (L)Earn at LNC!

Please come with urgent and important thoughts and get a chance to get some $NEAR!

The best request will get 10 $NEAR and 2 🕺(L)Earner NFTs!

2nd and 3rd place will get 5 $NEAR and  1 🕺(L)Earner NFT!

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4 thoughts on “What do you want (L)Earn next?”

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    I think in order to grow (L)Earn and reach more users, the core will be that the rewards are shared on a regular basis and its requirements can be made simpler so that everyone has a chance. association to contribute to the development of the platform
      There are many requirements that are needed for people to verify an account is real and fair to other users, who the NFT represents they need a better authentication process. Claiming to receive NEAR should be simple. than with real users!

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  2. I would like to know more about projects using NEAR profile, such as HOT and others. Since near had gone mainnet it's a hot commodity. If other projects on near could be half as successful then I want to know more about them! 

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  3.  I'll be honest, I want to learn more about using N.E.A.R. to yield a profit or different protocols / testing / engagement or work you can do to earn N.E.A.R. It is definitely important to know what you are using and how to use it, if you don't know how to set up a wallet or successfully complete a transaction, then you would likely not continue trying to use N.E.A.R. or could even lose money.   With that issue being mentioned, if you have learned and do know how to use N.E.A.R. and you are proficient at using different protocols and navigating around the network, it is likely that some to most of these N.E.A.R. users are interested in or trying to earn N.E.A.R. tokens.So my suggestion is guides that are earning specific, community polls about favorite yield protocols or courses about how to set up a node for N.E.A.R. incentives. This is what I would like to read on (L)earns at L.N.C., and what I would like to learn and earn, is N.E.A.R.

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