Toolblox, the no-code smart-contract builder

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Toolblox, the no-code smart-contract builder

Toolblox is a no-code smart-contract builder and DApp maker. In this post we aim to unwrap everything — what are we doing and why is it important.

Toolblox Workflow Builder and the auto-generated user interface.

Toolblox Workflow Builder and the auto-generated user interface

Brief history

The project started in the beginning of 2022 as a Near Metabuild II hackathon entry. It managed to win the grand prize which served as seed capital. Toolblox has won other prizes over the course of the year such as best of Tooling & Infrastructure at the Polygon BUIDL IT hackathon.

Since the first version the user interface was simplified 10x and a DApp builder was added as well. While it originally supported just one blockchain, five more were added.

Toolblox is soon 1 year old and we are just to pull the wraps and share it with the world.

Self-executing smart contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing agreements coded as computer programs. When a certain trigger is invoked they can immediately take action such as settle payments or transfer ownership. This is possible because on blockchain there is no need for a central authority, digital signatures are employed and program state is immutable.

Self-executing smart contracts are thus uniquely positioned to:

  • Infuse trust, fairness and transparency into any existing system or process.
  • Cut out middle men and centralized agency.
  • Handle diverse set of workflows — from brick and mortar stores to supply chains to digital native organizations called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs.

Smart-contract will be ubiquitous, powering the business networks of the future. They can and should replace the backbone of any and all centralized SaaS business process management products.

Our approach

Toolblox provides a super-simple workflow-based smart contract builder to help companies quickly create their presence on the blockchain: build a workflow and deploy it as a usable application.

  • No code.
    One can always invest in a development team or hire professionals to code a custom workflow. But for rest — 90% of small and micro businesses, non-profits, DAOs etc — who just want to stay focused a visual no-code approach is the way to go. Less up-front investment, more flexibility, rapid prototyping and quicker to-market.
  • State-machine based workflow.
    Blockchain is not about data, its about state, especially about state transitions — the junctions where value is transferred — whether real money, ownership or both. The beating heart of any business process or a contract. Proposed as well by Hyperledger Foundation, a state machine workflow is a great fit for smart-contract visualization.
    Learn about our workflow builder.
  • User interface out of the box.
    While its great to be able to spin up custom smart-contracts easily they need to be usable as well — whether to share with end users or engage business partners. This is why Toolblox generates a simple app automatically. For more complex user interfaces and customization we have the DApp builder which enables to design a decentralized application without any code.
    Learn about our DApp builder.
  • Integrates with the ecosystem.
    Many options for integrating with external services (such as token insurance, collateralization, NFT portals, fractionalization etc):
    – every workflow can be made ERC721 compatible
    ERC20 tokens (such as USDT, USDC, EURC etc) can be used as payments
    blockchain events can be used for further integration
    decentralized social media integration

Who is it for?

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations looking to manage custom workflows and projects.
  • Supply chain and commodities related industries to handle tasks ranging from production to retail and trading.
  • Small and micro businesses who lack specialized know-how and would benefit from a full stack solution (state, logic and payments).

Why would one use Toolblox?

Here are some ways one can think of Toolblox in any organization:

  • Digitalization tool — to build a business process on chain and share the app with users and partners.
  • Rapid prototyping tool — to create usable and shareable DApps to tackle a specific problem.
  • Development kickstarter — to create a smart contract draft and then develop it further with custom resources.
  • Backbone to an existing product — to connect an existing product to use blockchain as a single source of immutable and secure state data.

Workflow examples

Here are a couple of workflows/DApps built with Toolblox. Each workflow consists of the following elements:

  • Item (project, document, offer, proposal etc)
  • Item attributes (name, deadline, author, owner, client etc)
  • Workflow states (active, cancelled, waiting for feedback etc)
  • State transitions (amend, pay, create, agree, update etc)

All of the following projects are usable as a DApp and can be used as template for creating new smart contracts.

DAO fundraising for projects

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Summary of DAO Fundraising (

Distributed Wedding Registry

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Summary of Distributed wedding registry (

Ask me anything (AMA) with bounty

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Summary of AMA platform with bounty example (

Real-estate appraisal workflow

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Summary of Real estate price appraisal workflow (

3d print price offers and prints management

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Summary of 3D printing offer registry (

Check out our web and our Twitter for more examples! Also join for tutorials and documentation on how to build with Toolblox.

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