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Spin is a multichain DEX that makes decentralized crypto futures and options trading more efficient by providing traders with advanced risk management and strategy-building tools as well as a superior Central Limit Order Book order execution model combined with AMM.

Spin’s goal is to provide users with the ability to trade derivatives such as futures and options on a decentralized exchange with an order book that features proprietary risk management tools. We are also striving to welcome more newbie traders into the platform and onboard them with the help of user-friendly, low-entry point UI/UX to the unappreciated advantages of financial derivatives on the decentralized infrastructure of blockchain.

Spin’s development and business strategy is backed by our extensive background of over 5 years in asset management, algorithmic trading, risk hedging at Algalon Capital – a hedge fund that combines algorithmic, DeFi, and stock market strategies. In other words, we do perfectly understand what we do, why, and how.

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