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A decentralized file-sharing platform powered by the NEAR Balkans Hub, redefining how individuals and businesses interact with their data. It leverages blockchain technology, specifically the NEAR Protocol, to ensure trust, security, and simplicity in file sharing.

Benefits for Businesses
Enhanced Security: Pathfinder employs advanced encryption and decentralized storage, mitigating the risks associated with centralized servers and reducing the likelihood of data breaches.
Data Ownership and Control: Businesses retain full ownership and control over their files, eliminating dependencies on external entities and ensuring data sovereignty.
Efficient Collaboration: With granular permissions and decentralized email functionality, Pathfinder streamlines collaboration within and between organizations, fostering a more efficient workflow.

Benefits for Users
Data Sovereignty: Users regain control over their digital assets, ensuring that personal and sensitive information remains in their hands.
User-Friendly Experience: Pathfinder offers a seamless and intuitive interface, making file sharing as easy as a few clicks, even for those unfamiliar with blockchain technology.
Privacy Assurance: Through features like decentralized email and ownership verification, Pathfinder prioritizes user privacy, providing a secure environment for digital communication and file sharing.

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