NEAR Message System

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NEAR MESSAGING SERVICE (NMS) is convenient service that makes it simple, easy, and secure for NEAR accounts to exchange messages with each other. The system is completely decentralized and takes advantage of the advantages and power of the NEAR Protocol.

Why you should use NMS?

  • You do not need to create complicated accounts, do not have to enter personal information. Simply use the NEAR account
  • The messages is completely decentralized on the NEAR Blockchain. You don’t worry about messages being controlled by 3rd parties
  • Exchange private messages securely. The message (In Private Message mode) are completely secure, only the sender and recipient can read the content of the message. In addition, no one, not even a third party, can not know the content of your messages.

NMS Features:

  • Compose new message with atttachment NEAR
  • Reply the message and received NEAR from sender
  • Forward messagesSupport two type of messages: Private Message and Public Message
  • Support HTML format in message content
  • Support two theme: Dark theme and Light theme.
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