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"Myriad aims at creating an online social environment where users can interact freely, without being influenced by profit-driven algorithms, fake accounts, and reputation manipulation.

Because freedom of speech, information, and content should not be infringed by a central entity – or any entity – we have chosen to develop Myriad as a modular, decentralized blockchain which rests on 3 tenets.

Users should be sovereign, free to choose where they source their information and how they want it displayed. They are informed about the “social media bubbles” they build, and have the power to escape these bubbles.

As long as it is legal, information should be free and uncensored. And thus, all opinions may be heard and debated without fear of retribution.

Accountability and incentives should comprise the backbone of the network. Content creators should strive to deliver quality, while poor content should be discouraged."

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